Giving up on simming after update V?

This time last year the sim was visually a leap forward . Now we have the popping, blurriness and morphing reminiscent of past sims. Its not difficult to understand how that’s going to make for some unhappy customers.

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I don’t think that’s what’s happened to edinburgh and other places in the UK. Some kind of streaming of data issue and/or scenery archetype comflict. See my post here, where the scenery initially loads in fine and then changes/disappears after you fly away and return

I’ve stopped playing MSFS until the stuttering from panning and long flights is resolved. I turn it on every now and then just see if I can fix it, but have flown less than two hours since the last hot fix. Worked great past update 4. Update 5 seems to have killed it.

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Thanks. Glad we could get this out of the way amicably. :slight_smile:
Sorry again that I mistook you intentions. There’s been so much posturing, ranting and attention seeking going on here recently, that I’m getting a little worked up about it to put it mildly.

We dont want any of that for sure. I now know better for the future. What we all want for sure is a great sim! Oh it was just so amazing. My comment to non simmers i used to talk to was “Microsoft have done a wonderful thing, they recreated the world. And it is beautiful.” Come on Asobo I really dont want to leave! Please get it back together again, dont let the incredible job you have done slip away for some people.


What exact problems you want to be resolved?
My sim was never as fluid (I fly mostly in VR) as it is now.

Nope, doing more of it than ever.

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Q: Do you still have MSFS installed ? or did you get a refund ?

Just start and wait for downloads to finish, then go Content Manager and update all.

There’s been Hotfix 2, which gave some interesting improvements in the Graphics settings for PC’s.

The true translation means: But why doing such a thing like living without FlightSim?

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What’s bothering me right now with this sim is sometimes after 20 minutes of flying my frames drop from 40 FPS (locked @40) to 20 FPS,other then that it’s been ok.

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Been absolutely fine throughout recent update and hot fixes, now over the last two days it won’t even start… loading screen and spinning circle (waiting for remote response?).

Super super frustrating as when it works it’s sublime.


I wonder if all our new xbox colleagues joining us are causing overload of microsoft servers/bandwidth? This might be an unpopular idea but - if they can get on top of the LOD issues and silly bugs - I’d be prepared to pay a small monthly fee to ensure premium connection that was stronger/more reliable. I fully understand that, if i continue to use the product, microsoft have to make money, which will enable then to continue to support and grow it. Maybe pay for more members on the debug team :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the suggestion, unfortunately Im up to date; its the LOD which makes it unusable for me with my flying. People have said next update will allow trade off of frame rate vs draw distance. In which case i would turn frame right down so i can enjoy the beauty of it like i used to. I dont need high fps myself, not interested in Top Gun add on, but understand others will love high fps for something like that.

:slight_smile: I bought myself a 3d printer to keep myself distracted whilst I go cold turkey. Sad admission, but I used to love the visuals so much that I was doing a visual sightseeing tour of the US and would get in low cruise and just watch whilst doing the ironing, with a ps4 controller on a long lead controlling the drone to check out interesting things I saw enroute. Made the ironing more fun but a lot slower! But now no more.

The best thing to try is uninstall everything mods and the sim. Then install the sim only and use a default simple aircraft like the C152 or da40. No mods or add in. See if if it works. If it does add a mod or addin one at a time.

If all else fails give up and wait for a update 7 maybe. The other flight simulator works very well P3D and xplane.

I sent you a PM this is what Im getting when you do what I explained to you in the message:

regarding fps:
believe me , when PMDG will start to bomb their study level weapons like 737,777,747 complex aircrafts you will need every single fps to have a great smooth experience.
unfortunately we have to compromise between performance and visual pleasure.
We all pass and consider as a simple fact that we have finally volumetric multi layer clouds and dynamic live weather with out serious fps cost. Behind this fact Asobo worked ultra hard to succeed that. Yes , SU5 created some visual issues/bugs but also introduced a new performance direction with better cpu usage ( less vram/ram usage etc)
The only thing from our side as simmers / customers is to have some patience.


No reason bad enough for me to quit. Sure there are some bugs that annoy me, but my system is stable. I can count on one hand the number of CTD’s I’ve had in last several months. Most of those crashes happened when I plugged in my HOTAS and it did it before and after SU5. The screen froze and dropped to desktop. Doesn’t seem to happen if I plug it in either before I load the game or wait until I can bring up the options screen. Other than that, everything is good enough to fly for me.

Check out the million dollar highway and Wolf creek pass areas if your flying around up there

Just like all those that said if ***** won, they would leave the country.

But not one left, and they are still all here.

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