Giving up on simming after update V?

Understand your position, and you’re probably right for many people, but leave I will if the issues arent fixed. I have other things in my life to do besides simming. I’m not saying I won’t miss it but if the aspect of the sim that I personally enjoy isn’t there for me anymore then it isn’t there anymore. Dont take that as an attack on anyone else, if what you enjoy in the sim is still there then great, enjoy it please.

Fenix reckoned same fps for their a320 ceo as default a320 neo, but still work in progress. Now that would be incredible. Understand re patience and also incredible job asobo did to make it work as game on xbox. However, they could/should have done that without pulling the rug from some people’s experience! I found some interesting technical discussions about caching of scenery and an explanation of their approach. Maybe they ran out of time but it sounds like they could have satisified both needs, as hopefully they will by introducing the mythical slider. As for the other bugs, well, there was simply no excuse, apart from excessive pressure from above for a crazy deadline. Nobody remembers you hitting a deadline but they sure remember if you muck up a release; speaking from experience.

Good stuff. Yes, never plugin or unplug a peripheral when running, still CTD for me when doing that (needed to do to repeatedly try to sort out camera roll bug on ps4 controller). 2 hot fixes later it still does the same. Summed up in two words, “regression testing”. Test to make sure you dont reintroduce bugs you already fixed.

I think it is just quite interesting, how different the opinions on visuals can be. Here is a nice example of an IFR stream last night, by apparently a real pilot

Yes I’ve uninstalled MSFS 2020 after update 5 and I’m no longer supporting it or investing money into it any further. The last time I bought anything for it was back in February 2021 and ever since then I haven’t bought anything anymore. There are lots of reasons behind my decision. Last time when I decided to give up, it was around the time when they introduced the Flaps bug with one of the world updates. I decided to give them one last chance after that, but the straw that broke the camel’s back is sim update 5.


Which can easily be solved by removing unused flaps binding from any hardware that you don’t use.

I was referring to this flap bug:

Flight Dynamics Bug Details - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Ohh that one… yeah, I remember that. I just went off to do something else and came back to MSFS when they released the hotfix afterwards.


They need to stop downgrading this sim into a game. The graphics and light contrast has took alot of damage since SU5. Some Blackshark AI buildings looks extremely bad most the same big grey block of buildings stack next to each other. Also the cockpit interactions has been NERFED. We want the SU4 cockpit tools tip back PLEASE. World Update 6 with upcoming patch notes is their last chance for me.


I haven’t totally given up, played a few hours here and there. Some flights fine, some CTD. I did decide I will spend the majority of my time mining crypto while I still can and just recently played the Diablo 2 resurrected over the last weekend, but I’m pretty much done until the next major patch/upgrade is released. We’ll see after that.

Landing using ILS you end up crashing way before a runway due to incorrect altitude.
Cursing altitude ground views terrible.
Altitude level not correct between tower and air plane at 40,000 feet or less.

Please give me my FSM2020 back !!!


Just a solution that has worked to mitigate some of my SU5 issues is to right click on the flight simulator icon and to select “Run as Administrator.”

I agree with you
I’m having a terrible time with this sim
I only fly the FBW A32nx and I have had so many CTD since SU5 so everything is not rosy in my garden
Managed to iron out most problems but now I have this awful FPS issue where it drops down to 15 FPS before going single digits and freezing
Other aircraft are fine but I just want to be able to fly my FBW A32nx again , soI suppose that makes me a drama queen too?

Can you change the post @WebSanity and add a question mark on the end of the title. It’s like you are announcing you are giving up when you are really interested in what the communities thoughts are.

For the record still having an absolute blast. Not going to lie about the crashes, I’ve had a couple but not too many - all related to 3PD content and for me and still a rare thing.

How many exactly? If you say “a lot” you seem to have a system of measure, or a database telling you that. Mind sharing the numbers? I’m not dismissing the fact that there are people having CTD’s, but I’m interested in actual numbers.

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You can make edits?! (I’m still learning this system, sorry). Sure thing - done. Yes that makes it better. Thanks for the suggestion on that. AND I have also been put straight :expressionless: that I ought to have expanded out in the initial post better. When I get a chance (work gets in the way) I will expand out my feelings at the top level. I am fascinated in this debate how it is so polarised. I guess people are simming for different reasons and so updates affect people in different ways, or not at all! It’s clearly very evocative but a healthy debate exploring different peoples’ experiences can only be a good thing. Thanks

I have been wondering why that community has not seem to have been affected by LOD issues. (or maybe they have, would any be able to comment?) Maybe they just happen to be lucky? Maybe their machines are far more capable than many? Maybe they have better network bandwidth? Maybe they are far more in control of their settings than I am (which wouldn’t be hard :slight_smile: )? Maybe they are somehow able to avoid the squeeze on bandwidth which has affected many other people at peak times - maybe by not streaming at peaking flying times for example: I’m sure that must be a factor. So many maybes - this is a complicated subject indeed!

Depends on which part of the LOD you are talking about. Draw distance or literally detail?

How detail is perceived, or is actual showing can have multiple different causes:

  • Internet connection is one of them, having high bandiwth does not guarantee it’s utilized, there are a lot of factors out of end user and server maintainers (MS) control. If high detail data is not received, it’s not shown.
  • Different level of satalite image quality on different levels. Satalite images can be clear from 30.000 feet, but terrible at 3000 ft. Garbage in, is garbage out.
  • Misunderstanding of aorosol affecting view distance and how textures look.
  • There is also monitor callibration, or color settings which can be off. But yeah, there is something with the lighting in game (or i screwed up my video output and display settings).
  • There are definitely also other things, like photogrammety looking like melted buildings. There is so much the AI can do now, this can only be improved.
  • A lot more variables

The second to last one would affect all users. There are a lot of things, sometimes misunderstanding, sometimes settings, sometimes things not in our control, sometimes the end users systems themselfs.

as @TANGOFLYR670 is mentioning below, increasing detail in close range (elevation, more or less triangles to draw (less complexity reducing CPU & GPU workload), etc…).

An ongoing related issue and my biggest peeve now! There are just way too many variables with users, setups and systems to have a single solutions for anything it seems and the providers still have a lot of work to do. It’s definitely complicated.

It’s on the contrary very simple: Lionel’s interview video about a month ago made it very clear now.

In short: they are reducing the poly draw count in directly changing the way the renderer is “using” index buffer. In other words and per my understanding they seem to tell the video card to “skip” every other triangle by virtue of “skipping” the indices to vertices for example. No matter how you do, just “skipping” vertices is guaranteed to shape morph the 3D model.

In order to do it in a way which is visually better, you not only have to “skip” vertices (which you can do via the indices) but you also have to re-adjust the vertices to preserve the overall shape. This is more complex and more computing than just skipping indices, but it is also more visually correct.

[edit] Here is a sample video:

From an old paper:

View-dependent refinement of progressive meshes

And a few others found on their GitHub page:

Mesh optimization

Smooth view-dependent level-of-detail control and its application to terrain rendering

PS: It is published by Hugues Hoppe and he was at the time of the publication from Microsoft Research… :roll_eyes: