GKS Mig-21Bis

Su-34 ? :slight_smile:

it is F-111

Yes, now after a few picture studies on the Internet I wanted to change my assessment to F-111. :wink:

nearly there…
cuba06 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

egypt06 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr


any news about the update ? looking forward for this mode

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Looking forward to an update too. Realistic engine sounds will make flying this a much more immersive experience. I’ve been spending A LOT of time in the plane lately. It has become on of my favorite mil jets in the sim. There are just so many great things about it. The level of detail is just awesome.

I have two questions?? Yugoslavian texture for this aircraft???
and I have problem with throttle, former Mig 21 pilot came to my place and we played msfs and he said that the model is quite good, but the throttle stack at 82 percent and after that it goes to forsaž-104 percent. nothing inbetween??? can you solve it, and there is no xml file in my folder for radios? is there any xml file with radio and nav presets so i can download it and change.thx


and can you make this model without external tanks?? and to be optional??please

you can remove the external tanks from the cockpit . there are 2 switches ,

Yes I know that, but it will be great to start without external tanks, and leave it to be optional , if you want you can start with them, or start without

Yugoslavian - ok, will be done!

As for throttle control. This was done on purpose to simulate the correct afterburner behavior. 0-80% of throttle dedicated for non afterburner control, where 80% is maximum Mil Power. Throttle power posiion from 80 to 100% dedicated for afterburner automatic control.

To achieve maximum afterburner power, you need to climb to altitude of 13 to 15 kilometers.
At this altitude, the engine will develop maximum power and accordingly you will see 100% of throttle. That will allow you to disperse the aircraft up to 2.1 M (if the external fuel tanks are dropped)

XML radio templates available for “comunity” version only. In msfs marketplace version this folder is packed to archive with no access.


This option is available in comunity version, but we will make additional option for msfs marketplace version as well

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13-15000 km, wow, what a bird! :slight_smile:

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any news ?

Any word on when the next update will be released for this, any maybe a rough idea of what the change log would look like? I’m especially looking forward to more realistic engine sounds, and some of those liveries that have been posted look AMAZING.

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Will you be addressing the center of gravity issues and upgrading the afterburner effects?

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Any help would be great on my below issue. Thanks all.

I am on console and have uninstalled/reinstalled the aircraft multiple times and I am still having trouble with the NPP course system gauge for VOR to VOR. It’s not turning on basically.

I enter the frequency of each VOR. Save them to the front “clipboard”. Then close or leave open the radio stack.

I make sure the NAV switch is up (RSBN). Then make sure the NAV 1 switch is on and then set for the first VOR preset.

The gauge just doesn’t come on.

The RBSN distance indicator in the top right of the cockpit comes on and works perfectly.
Switching from VOR preset 1-2 or 2-3 etc works perfectly too.

It’s simply the NPP gauge does not work.

Is there a switch that I am missing to activate the gauge? I’m just puzzled at this point.

Any ideas at all in what I am doing wrong would be absolutely great and/or recommendations on what to try would also be great.

Thanks for any help possible.

Just an FYI – the MiG-21bis is on sale at simmarket for 50% off right now.

As far as brain power required to operate this, u need all the brains lol I got there in the end but so far the most complex for me so far, admittedly i dont speak russian so that was half the battle lol such a beaut well worth it!!!

The next time I’m on sale I’ll buy it, this time I can’t, it seems like a great classic fighter.