GKS Mig-21Bis

Perhaps it needs the AB button mapped like the F/A-18?

It should be max MIL at ground level 80% and 100% above FL300
AB available in any FL and gives >100% of N1 N2

Can you show screenshot?

I can go max throttle


Manual can be downloaded from aviasimhd site, dowload section
It is done for P3D the 99% of functionality is the same.
DCS MIG manual can be used as well
We will update manual for MSFS asap

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Found issue. Restarting flight = CTD

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Thanks a lot.

There are 2 known issues related to msfs functionality which OSOBO promised to fix in the next updates.

One of them - restart flight will couse CTD (sometimes)

Another - showing internal and external models in same time (also happens sometimes in hangar at loading and sometimes at flight)

  • simple fix - change cockpit view to external and back to cocpit

As i sad this is issue related to msfs functionality and some other aircraft have it as well. We are waiting fix from osobo and will update it as soon as it will be available

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Quick look


nice demonstration vid - excellent texturing in that cockpit - she’s a Cold Warrior Mig21 to my eyes

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quick manual

You can use ANNUNICIATOR SWITCH for mapping fuel tanks and chute drop
In flight if fuel tank button cover is open it activates fuel tank drop
If all fuel tank buttons covers are closed - it activates chute deployment
If chute deployed it activates chute jettison

One button for everything


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Great video. Thank you for the quick view. Looking good.

Annunciator Switch ON isnt working for me. All clickspots are.

Startup video


For everyone eyeing this product who isn’t already in the know - I would highly recommend that you get a free sim known as DCS and get their MiG-21 Bis by Magnitude-3 LLC, for a total cost of 30-40 dollars. Immediately visible benefits include:

  1. The radar filter panel isn’t replaced with a modern avionics stack.
  2. All authentic onboard equipment (i.e. radar, navigation, radio, IFF, etc) is simulated. The BK stack here tells me you can’t use actual RSBN/ARC on this aircraft.
  3. The nuclear bomb deployment panel seen on this model actually works in DCS and can be replaced with a gunpod or EW panel. You can deploy the RN-24 and RN-28.
  4. You can create your own scenarios with enemy and friendly units and actually use this thing like it’s supposed to.

This isn’t a callout to the developers of this model, which appears to be of high quality. I just think that at this point, when a more authentic and accurate analog to this aircraft exists for cheaper in a dedicated combat sim, I just can’t think of any reason to not go through the steps to obtain said analog. Decide for yourselves, but my recommendation is above.

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ha another dcs useless post :rofl:


I get 100 at higher altitudes but not below 28,000ft. Wish I could just get a refund sound sucks too and is causing stutters in the game for me as well.

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That’s actually something that made me seriously consider this for a moment. I think warbirdification is essential part of military aircraft here. I.e. I want to pretend it’s something I bought and own and fly out of the airport near me. That’s part of the romance with this game that combat flight sims don’t have. It’s no longer the military jet it was supposed to be, but former one fitted with civvie world avionics.

That being said, I already bought the Hawk, generally feel that trainer jets are more suitable here and the integration of those off the shelf avionics into the cockpit seems at very least visually clunky. So for me it’s only something for further consideration at the moment.


I can think of a big reason, I don’t want to be locked to the small number of areas that you can fly in DCS, and that’s coming from an owner of that Mig-21


Can any DCS mig 21 pilots comment on the flight model?

Compression stalls?
Engine flameout?
Intolerance of sustained negative g?