Grainy Graphics

Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone is able to help me with some seriously bad graphics on “Ultra” settings. I’ll post a picture to show it best. I am currently running an older BenQ 1080 LCD monitor (hdmi cable), and EVGA geforce rtx 3070, i5 3.4ghz.

I am also having issues getting a display signal to my Qnix 2710 LED monitor using a dual dvi to display port adapter, if you folks happen to have advice on that.


I’m not sure about grainy graphics in general but the SR22 shown in your picture has a bug. I see that sometimes, I’m not sure when it happens, I often start out with a well textured surface and eventually it ends up looking like your picture.

I’m running @ 1440p.
The scenery outside for me is still fine and the external view of the plane is still fine, it’s just the cockpit graphics that go grainy.

I reported it on Zendesk, suggest you do the same.

Me too , downgrade last update.

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Beauty, thanks for the tips.
Here is another photo.
It’s not just the SR22, all the airplanes seem to have fairly blocky textures relative to the settings and graphics card I’m using.

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I’m also having this issue. I’m noticing horizontal “gaps” appearing on terrain (looks like a line). Also, in my cockpit on my A320, there are visible gaps at edges.

I believe the grainy textures / shadows issue has a planned fix with the release of DX12. I vaguely recall hearing the topic discussed in a developer video.


You should try the DisplayPort (no adaptor to your BenQ)

I don’t have the grain. Are you sure all your graphics are setup correctly? I’ve been flying this aircraft a lot lately. Could be the connection or cable.

I’m using GeoExperience defaults, graphics are controlled via MSFS. My monitor is connected to a DisplayPort (no adaptors). Also works clear on my laptop Alienware 17 R4 with GTX 1080 attached to 2nd Monitor (DP).




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I have a similar issue. Inside the plane everything looks alright, but the ground textures and clouds look grainy for me. I am on a mixture between high and ultra, but more orientated to the ultra side. It started two patches ago and I really don’t know how I can fix it.


Hi have you tried to put windows display switching hdr on and off after starting MSFS2020 ?

i have to do it each time I launch the game.

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For that option to be active, the monitor has to support HDR. Looks like the 2 monitors he has doesn’t have HDR (not sure about the BenQ as he didn’t mention a model).

I also think it’s a monitor problem. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the solution yet. I have the same problem with the clouds, they look very grainy. But when I make a video (with Invidia Shadowplay) the clouds in the video don’t look grainy.

I noticed this on and off yesterday. Was flying for 10 hours. Looks like an over sharpening of the image to me, possibly related to a change in the last patch.

The screenshots you posted are all in diffused light. OPs issue seems to be happening in direct sunlight, which is where I’ve noticed this effect too.

This isnt Dithering, is it?

This is in direct sunlight. (clear sky)

That’s expected. Recording with NVidia Shadowplay (and nearly all other recording software) compress the picture so little details will disappear and image look more smooth, less sharp. The more you will raise the encoding ratio, the more you will retrieve the grainy problem.

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I think you have 2 factors here ; first one is a recent patch of the simm which changed the TAA and sharpen too much image at “low” resolution (1080p or 1440p). Search on this forum and you’ll find several thread speaking about this. I have this problem on my LCD TV (old fullHD Samsung from 2007) due to the patch.

But that don’t explain that much grainy, so I think you also have a problem with the monitor. Do you have a sharpen slider for your monitor or a contrast one you can play with to smooth the image? or did you touch the NVidia control panel setting, the Color tab? You can try here to smooth your picture…

good luck!


If I raise Render Scaling from 100 to 200, I get some grain (mostly too sharp). Those pictures above that I posted were at 100 Render Scaling and TAA).

This is done at 200 Render Scaling (can see grain) - more noticeable when flying (terrain). Plus this website compresses too much to get a good result of the image. :grin:

Probably not using TAA and 100% render scaling.

Edit: Could also be ‘film grain’ effect. Check Nvidia settings, restore to defaults if needed.

Welcome to downgrade MSFS 2020

My game went from stellar to really quite an eye sore after the past two patches.

Everything is on high or ultra. LOD 200.

Flying over Bay Area California, bing data on.

I dont know wth is going on with some of the textures