Great Update!

Thanks Asobo and Beta Testers, there may be some minor issues but yesterday’s flying has been amazing, great FPS, really smooth o. A CRJ 1000 at 50 FPS all in ultra with my 2080TI.

Clouds looks amazing again and the new weather system renders a much more accurate representation. No more stutters which were inmersion killer.

Thanks for the hard work!


Says it all. What a wonderful job on this update. A BIG thank you to everyone involved with this update, its superb.


Ye Gods! Something positive! Well done, it is so thoroughly depressing and dispiriting elsewhere in the forum. Watch out though, they might some and confiscate your computer. We can’t have happy users here now, can we?


I did a complete new install and some tests!
Seems i have a better performance and a lot of improvements!

For me the update is one of the best i downloaded! A big THANK YOU to MS/Asobo!

Great Job! :grinning:


Great Update?

It’s a disaster for me sadly


Excellent update indeed, it seems the testers are doing their job since last update!
Only issue I had was not being able to turn the world map, but if you reset your mouse controls it works just fine again.


Great update for me too, so far… besides the Bush trips that are not 100% OK


The testers did a great job but weren’t able to report the TrackIR problems and the Vr problems?

The sim looks awesome but there is still a lot of work to be done


I’ve been solid with no issues after reverting back to Direct X 11, glad to see others are happy. Hope it gets back to working good for everyone.

I used track ir and VR yesterday in a quick flight and did not notice any issues, what am I supposed to look for?

See this thread: A lot of people are having issues with it. Again the sim looks good and there are a lot of issues fixed but I just don’t get why these bugs get through beta testing

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I don’t really understand anything, I was always at ultra locked 30fps with my 3070 i710700 . now after the update I am at 14-18-24 fps in Dx11 I can’t understand how there are people who have improved. I dont believe it. now the performance is worse I have more stutters


Interesting, maybe my flight was not long enough to notice. If they only broke this though we can consider us lucky hahaha most likely we will get a hotfix.

I hope so! I’m sure it’ll be alright etc and I hope that It’ll be a lesson for the future again

If you fly 2d only seems pretty solid. If you want to fly vr just steer clear of all the new controller stuff as that is a hot mess. But yeah performance and lighting improvements are pretty solid.

I class the Mouse not working in VR as Major Issue personally (as do others) that requires an immediate Hotfix, I’m sure the update elsewhere is very good but unfortunately I’m grounded until the above is fixed


i am really glad to see some positive users also.


Terrain is looking great especially around shorelines. Nice work!

The same impression as with the previous updates… some great improvements… but there are also some new bad bugs emerging…

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