Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

That‘s interesting, thanks. Strange indeed. I haven‘t heard of many such cases yet (so far only three). No idea why they didn‘t use the more recent imagery.

Editing user config to 3.0 terrain lod works great for me, just enough to rid the stonehenge nuked look of the photogammetry in the distance. Frames still great.

Running 1080 ultrawide (2560x1080). Data streaming is not dependent on resolution. Regardless of resolution, all adjacent data must be streamed because houses and everything else must be there at any resolution.

I see. I assumed that autogen is also under those objects LOD settings. Might be another setting or a dependency tied to a tertiary setting.

If you want full 4K experience, wait for 3xxx nvidia cards.

I run 9900K, 32 Gb ddr4, 2080 ti oc and it has hard time achieving 30+ fps in some cases.

11GB+ VRAM definitelly needed plus faster cores

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If you’re having trouble streaming the textures, maybe the fix posted here will help. It’s worth a shot:

You might want to look at the following thread in case this is helping you:

Where is this user config file?

Same problem here since last patch, ground texture looking very low detail at medium and high distance, and much lower internet traffic.

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user config is at users/yourname/AppData/Local/Packages/MicrosoftFlightSimulatorxxxxxx/LocalCache. That’s for MS store don’t know about Steam location.

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I have the MS store version only. Thanks!

Blurry textures and less online traffic.

Noticed the exact same thing since last patch. I should add that I also moved over from game pass to steam version so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Check if your anti-virus is blocking the simulator connection to the internet. Try to create an entry and exit exception on your firewall, maybe will work, check too if your windows doesn’t have any internet limitation activated. Hope this help you

Users/yourname/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator/ is the path for the User Config file in Steam.

only 1/4 GPU utilisation? My GPU constantly sits at 90% 2080S

Hi there, I am seeing all these beautiful screenshots posted, and am wondering why my sim looks so different. It seems like the in sim textures aren’t loading fully. I have the photogrammetry and Bing data features enabled, and have tried running the sim in Ultra and High detail modes. Other machine specs are as follows:

Ryzen 3950X
64GB 3600 Ram
RTX 2070 Super
Windows 10 v 2004
2TB NVME (FS2020 installed on this)
300MB/s Internet

I have seen some other users mention that turning the terrain LOD up to 200 fixed this problem, but doing this only seems to tank my FPS, but does not fix the blurry pixelated ground textures. I have also checked my data usage and after spending the evening flying several different locations I used only 86 megabytes of data. I did have the cache enabled previously, but disabled this while doing my trouble shooting. Looking at my resource monitor, it seems my network traffic does not even hit 1MB/s speeds.

Any idea what could be wrong with my rig and how I could go about fixing? I am running the Windows Store version of the sim.


LOD 200 also does not fix my awful blurry scenery and textures still load slowly…

Huge thanks for this!! I definitely see an increase in quality by raising that memory value. 1 looks like blurry ■■■■. 2-5 look better with no visible difference between them, 6 and up looks pretty ■■■■ good. Bumping it above 6 didn’t really make any visual difference to me.

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Hi Bertro, which value did you change? I still have am fighting with the blurries.

Hi @Lowebowski. My reply was to this reply by @DeferredGull247 8 days ago: Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

What he did there is use a program that can modify memory values of running programs (CheatEngine in this case) to find the value that sets terrain LOD and modify it on the fly above the 200 value possible in the settings. I used that earlier today and bumped that value up to 6 (which would mean a value of 600 in that settings slider) and it looked pretty decent.