Guess where?

Not yet… But the preference is in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are U flying a model aircraft in the sim ??? :wink:


You’re right. Nice idea from Parorng. That would be a very dangerous place for a real GA airfield, considering the main airport nearby.


Is that an answer? I got called out flying for a few days, so it’s probably safe to name and move on.

Allright, it was another hint as I had found the place : Eastpoint aeromodellers club. A mini airfield inside Darwin, Australia. The main runway is 175m long.

Here’s my next one, probably quite difficult :


That previous did look like Aus, and I did search the whole top end but somehow missed it. It would be nice if the sim drew actual gum trees in Aus instead of not gum trees.

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Wait so that is not a 1:1 aircraft runway? I could definitely land a few planes on that no worries. Gonna try! Where in Darwin is it at so I can find it easier? :slight_smile:

“considering the main airport nearby”. You won’t find much of a range of large airports anywhere near Darwin so I imagine you’ll only have to look in one place. :wink:

Oh man. Coordinates or a general “north east of YPDN” (or whatever it is) would have been more useful than this silly game!!! :rofl:

Can definitely land a real size Wilga there though! And DoubleEnder. And a few others I can think of! Landing challenge anyone?

Well I haven’t found it myself yet, so any coords I gave you would be very misleading, but I sure will be looking again when on the sim later.

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It here: -12.4091677, 130.8274950

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Got the Graavel in and out without a problem. It’s in much better condition in real life!

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As I find out flying in this region. Kununurra, Gove and Groote Eyelandt are the best alternates, as Tindal Air Force Base in Katherine is currently not available to us Civvies with their runway works going on.

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Never sure with you if you’re talking about real life or for pretend :joy:

Oh no! I’m currently flying YPAD to YPDN in my A320 and the office gave me YPTN as my alternate. I’ll program in one of your suggested alternatives and have a stern word with the office afterwards.

I hope this STOL airfield is worth the trip it’s a 4 hour flight from Adelaide to Darwin.

Added to that, Kununurra, Gove and Groote Eyelandt all have 30 metre runways. Australia has a weird rule not found anywhere else, that aircraft above 50,000kg are not permitted to operate on 30m runways! So I’m not sure what Network, Qantas, Jetstar or Virgin use when they come up to Darwin. Not many options around.

Now here’s a funny one: The E190 has a max takeoff weight of 51,800kg. CASA has approved us to operate on 30m runways but we have to limit our max takeoff weight to 50T if we are to use them :man_facepalming: This used to require us to have an engineer to amend the techlog each time lol. Now the techlog has a section where we can circle which weight we will operate to for that sector.

Regarding the model aeroplane field, yeah it’s challenging enough. Surrounded by trees, and the surface is anything but smooth in the sim. I recommend large tyres!

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I think a hint is needed : in USA

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I think we’re all still having fun over at East Point Aeromodellers Club :laughing:

Which apart from some dodgy photogrammetry, looks just like real life.


It’s Oso Bay in Corpus Christi.

I won‘t be at my computer for the next 24h, so if anyone wants to post a screenshot, feel free.


Yes, well done !

Screenshot open for the first one to post…

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