Guess where?

That’s an area where they didn’t have ground textures - there’s probably a cloud there if you look at Bing maps. So they filled it with generic ground textures. Can’t ever imagine going back to that!

I looked at it in Bing Maps ; it seems it’s between two/three areas of satellite scan, on the same field you can find some snow and some “summer” brown soil with a clear separation. The funny fact is that the border between the different scans sometimes follows the ‘non straight’ fields limits.
A very weird area, indeed.

Hint : it’s in eastern Asia.

It’s within Japan latitudes, and not on an island.

Haean, South Korea.
Now I understand why you chose it. That’s quite a unique site.


That’s correct. I found this place while wandering on GM, playing our game… On GM it’s great looking, but the result in FS is less impressive due to the multiple satellite scan zones.

Your turn :wink:


Alright, here’s the next one


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EDIT: ah sorry it is there, just they moved it to a little icon inside a sub-menu now!

Okay, I think it‘s time for a hint as there are hardly any clues as to what city it might be: The screenshot somehow resembles the flag of the country where it‘s located.

I though it might have been Warangal Fort in India? But now you have me thinking somewhere in Japan?

Yes, it‘s in Japan

I wanna say thats in Fukoka?

Lucky this site didn’t turn that into white squares :wink:

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Found it. This is west of Yokohama and north of Fujisawa. Izumicho, Izumi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan. :jp:


Well done. Your turn

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Awesome! Haven’t got one in awhile!

Let’s head back to the Americas for this one…


Atitlán lake, Guatemala ?


That’s it! Gorgeous lake at the base of three volcanos! Amazing site to see give it a goog!

You’re up!

Indeed, looks great, with the volcanoes slope going directly into the water !

My next one :


Caracas, Venezuela