[GUIDE] Camera Overview: Basic Concepts, User Interface, and FAQ

Here is a guide that goes over the basics of the camera and its default keybindings, including:

  • Cockpit view
    • VFR position
    • IFR position
    • The Landing position
    • The Copilot position
    • Quickviews
  • External view
    • Showcase views
  • Smartcam
  • Mapping camera controls

Thanks! But how can I make a view from a pasengers’s seat throw the porthole? How can I to walk between pasengers seats in the cabine? My plane is Boeing 777 300er (by Captainsim). I saw a lot of videos throw the portholes to the wings and to the engines during the takeoff or landing (in Microsoft FS 2020). I want to make such videos myself from my own plane! So, what I need to do this?

For wing views check the video here: (very straightforward)

To move around the cockpit and cabin: (from the Guide above):

  • While in cockpit view, you can control the camera translations, rotations and zoom factor from any camera position
    • Rotations
      • “Cockpit look left”** (Left shift + left)
      • “Cockpit look right” (Left shift + right)
      • “Cockpit look up” (Left shift + up)
      • “Cockpit look down” (Left shift + down)
      • Or you can press & hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to control the eyepoint
    • Translations
      • “Decrease cockpit view height” (down)
      • “Increase cockpit view height” (up)
      • “Translate cockpit view forward” (Right alt + up)
      • “Translate cockpit view backward” (Right alt + down)
      • “Translate cockpit view left” (Right alt + left)
      • “Translate cockpit view right” (Right alt + right)
    • Zoom
      • “Zoom cockpit view” (Mouse wheel up)
      • “Unzoom cockpit view” (Mouse wheel down)

I appreciate your help! This is exactly what I needed!

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