Guys wth good FPS since the tell me your specs

i9-10900K @3.7
RTX 3090 stock
64Gb ram 3400
49” curved Samsung G9
Max Ultra settings throughout
No problems BEFORE the last update
Massive reproducible region-specific drop in FPS rendering sim unplayable AFTER update.


Ryzen 7 5800X
RTX 3080 Aorus xtreme
32GB 3600 Mhz
SSD M2 Gen 4 Aorus
Very smootly

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There are no patterns. It really comes down to how the system and sim are configured. I have a buddy with a 3080 10th gen and 128gb. He thought he was happy until he popped over for a beer and saw mine running. He was hi/ultra at 4K and CPU bound at 30-35 fps.

We went and drank his beer instead and after some tutorials on tweaking he was 75% CPU, 95% GPU and cruising at 50-60 fps, smooth as a Pilsner. Had to dial back scaling and clean up some old driver garbage but after he spent a couple days messing about he finally felt like the system visa bill was worth it.

Not only did he tweak his system/sim to the sweet spot but now he’s so busy flying, my beer fridge is lasting longer.

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I’m not sure I understand the debate about whether or not the issues are real. The devs have already acknowledged that they are, and that they are aware of them, and that they are working on a fix.


I’m getting good FPS at the very beginning of the flight, but then 10 minutes later, the sim starts stuttering.

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I should reciprocate for the OP…

5800x + H100x cooler
MSI 3070 Gaming X Trio
32GB 3200mhz
500GB Samsung 970 evo plus Win10 drive
1TB Sabrent Rocket Q FS2020 drive
X570+ mobo
RM750x PSU
Quest 2

Everything on latest updates, firmware, drivers, Oculus beta, etc
No overclocking at all.

A few community mods (Spitfire, TBM perf, Longitude perf, WT G3k, handful of extra scenery POI’s)

Photogrammetry turned off.
FS2020.exe properties disabled full screen optimisation and override high DPI scaling.
All other settings as per @TonyTazer1504’s thread linked here.

(I think the above info covers the all of pc settings I’ve changed from default since building the PC brand new in January!)

Lovely performance EGGD Bristol, Bahamas, Florida keys, Orlando.

Time spent in in cockpit per flight after pressing ready to fly is around about 30 mins of pre flight FMS fiddling most flights, followed by about 1hr to 1hr30mins in the air depending on the area and objective.

Iffy performance if I venture to EGLL, or Miami area.

I haven’t had a CTD this year or FPS lower than 30 in the areas I fly. No FPS lower than 20 (so still bad) in the iffy areas mentioned above. But, I have experienced FPS in the teens in other areas I’ve been asked to test by forum members. So I’m just sticking to what I know is safe right now.

Funny. I was actually amazed at this thread, and the fact that there really hasn’t been any debate. Well, except for that one guy. (is it except or accept? :wink: )

I don’t believe there is any doubt that many users have been adversely affected by the DXGI swap chain (my pet theory) change in the last update, among other things. I do believe that not all users have been affected though.

Yes Asobo is trying to solve the “Performance Issues”. There are definitely some out there. Question is why some and not all? I simply avoid those geographic areas that obviously are hurting everyone but as for general degradation? I haven’t seen it. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there, but that’s why these kind of bugs are so difficult to identify.

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@Togapowerr, I have to agree with other posters who have said if you don’t notice a performance issue, then you don’t have one. I play exclusively in VR, and I have no idea what my fps are, but I don’t care. My eyes report to me that they’re happy with what they see, and that’s good enough. BTW, as a sanity check, I did do some testing in 2D at some places I’ve used in the past for performance testing, and if anything, my performance has gone up!

Too much verbiage.

No one is going to read all of it and then try to comprehend it.

On and on and on. Repeated many times by many users.

It does not resolve the problem.

It does not help to resolve the issue.

Only ASOBO can do it.

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I’ll have a few of those beers.

Don’t want you to get too inebriated.

Gotta keep the fridge full. That way everything looks smooth…

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Agree, seems the mesh/grid has lod issues or similar…
Let’s see maybe we have next week a solution already…

I have noticed no difference in performance in FS2020 with the last update.
Ryzen 1800x
48GB ram
Asus ROG GTX1080 strix
Two monitors, one 4K, the other 1080p, the main main runs in the 4k monitor, with the ATC window, and VFS map on the second, together with LNP, and pushback helper

running at 4k high settings, on the main monitor

Note i dont measure frame rates. Just how easy it is to actually fly the planes. I can for sure say i am NOT getting 50+ fps! (though knocking down to 1080p gets there.)

One thing to note, I disable aura, iCUE and some other “flashy” stuff before running FS2020

It is pointless to argue about this issue now. Asobo has already acknowledged the issue and they are working on a fix as we speak. The stutters have nothing to do with any hardware and clearly there is an issue with the sim after the update as Asobo has confirmed it as well.

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You are right.

I did not think that I had one. Somehow, my hardware and system wasn’t affected.

Then, I flew “76T”. FPS = 2

I am humbled.

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there is no denying that conditions at airport 76T are deeply broken. It may be that it holds a key to similar, if less dramatic conditions around the ASOBO globe. Pretty sure that a lot of testing will be needed first to see what the cause is (or causes are) and then search for those same parameters in other reported areas. Perhaps they can come up with a search criteria for the globe and let the data out itself.
Knowing that the problem is there at 76T and is severe must serve as enough justification for those who are reporting problems - even problems not identical to that one. It serves as proof that all is not as it should be. Banging on each other is pointless, and sad. Reporting the locations where any anomalies exist is what the developer is relying on us to do. So please report all findings.
If you have not encountered any problems then that’s great. Happy flying. But folks need to remember we are all in the same boat.

I’m sure they take and respond to feedback from the Community.

But, I don’t think a multi-billion dollar firm , Microsoft, and Asobo are relying on us to find bugs in their software.

Get real.

First visit to the internet, eh? Its been like this for 20 years.

Is it right? maybe not…

Is it new? no. So I assume you are new? :wink:

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Ryzen 9 3900xt
Nvida 2080 super
1tb m2
1tb ssd

In the beginning, I also had CTD’s/poor performance issues. However, I decided to go under the hood and check each system setting one by one. Being new to the AMD’s(I’ve always had Intel), I wasn’t aware about the memory timings you had to setup in the BIOS. I also made sure I updated all the drivers, and software updates for Windows and the BIOS.

Guess what happened, all my issues disappeared and been running smooth in the 35-50fps range(1440p),

I’m a believer that a lot of issues that people are having is not taking the time to make sure everything under the hood is operating correctly.