Has anybody been able to eliminate cockpit stutter in the Reverb G2 with motion projection turned off?

As the title says, I cannot get a stutter-free cockpit with my G2 unless motion reprojection is enabled in Open XR developer tool.

I’ve seen Youtubers such as Pie in the Sky and VRPilot say they turn off motion reprojection and get better performance, and nice smooth cockpits, but for me it’s the exact opposite.

I have a 10850k, 3090 and 32GB ram and with motion reprojection on I can run at 100 render in OpenXR and 90 in game with everything at high/ultra and it runs great. With motion projection off even dropping settings down to medium and the OpenXR render to 60 still gives me cockpit stutters, and looks comparitavely terrible.

I’ve fixed the propeller warp with motion reprojection on by downloading prop mods on flightsim.to.

Curious about the rest of you, do you use motion reprojection off or on, and if off, does your cockput not stutter at all?

I’d love to know how to eliminate the stutter in mine, drives me mad. with reprojection on its completely smooth.

There’s no silver bullet here. Motion reprojection removes cockpit judder because that’s what it’s designed to do. The only way to eliminate judder without motion reprojection is to render at or above the HMD’s native refresh rate. With a G2, that is 90hz. Unless you’re one of those people who run at 60hz.

Every time I try to bite the bullet and run without motion reprojection, I only ever last an hour or so because after a while, the low framerate just makes the experience an unpleasant one for me. If you want to try to make it work, you need to use the frame timing overlay (checkbox in OpenXR dev tools) and ensure that your settings (resolution, mostly) are such that you’re able to clear 30fps with maybe a little headroom pretty much at all times. Your HMD is always v-sync’d no matter what you do, so this means that on 90hz, you can only ever get either 90hz, 45hz, 30hz, 22.5hz, etc. If you are getting 29fps, you are going to see 22.5fps. If you are getting 31fps, you are going to see 30fps.


Thanks, I’ve only had the G2 a month so not very familiar with OpenXR dev tools, I’ve set the render to 100 and motion reprojection to on but haven’t seen anything on frame timing overlay.

I think 30 FPS is the most realistic target, especially as I want nice visuals.

I’ve not tried my Quest 2 yet, will do over the weekend, but Pie in the Sky on Youtube says he gets the best performance setting his Quest 2 to 120Hz and ASW forced off. I haven’t tried it and he says its smooth in the cockpit but I’m not sure how as he’s probably getting 35 to 40 frames and the headset is running at 120 without ASW?

I’m going to try it myself and see but it makes no sense why it would be smooth to me.

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An HMD is able to display frames at multiples of the refresh rate. With 90hz, your options are 90, 45, 30, 22.5. With 120hz, your options are 120, 60, 40, 30, 24.

What’s happening with the Q2 is that it has 33% fewer pixels than the G2, making it significantly easier to drive at higher framerates, so Pie in the Sky is going to be able to hit that 40fps in VR much easier than you can hit 45fps in a G2.

If you can reliably hit 45 (or even 40) fps, then the judder effect from not hitting the native refresh rate of HMD is going to be significantly reduced, but not gone. I think I could do 45fps with no motion smoothing without a problem, and I’m pretty picky about what I’m looking at in my HMD.

Some unsolicited advice - you’ll drive yourself absolutely mad if you worry too much about other people’s settings and their subjective take on the end result. Comparing notes can be very helpful as a sanity check, but something I’ve learned from months of chasing frames is that what is “butter smooth” or “looks great” to one person is absolutely not the case for me.


Thanks, I played around with it tonight and I have to say I actually love motion reprojection. I have it forced always on, my render scale in OpenXR set to 100 and in-game to 90, with most settings at high or ultra and it’s the smoothest it’s ever been.

Before this update, I was running at 80 OpenXR render and 80 in-game render so 100 and 90 is a significant visual leap. I ran the Quest 2 tonight as well at 72Hz 5408 x 2736 and it looks pretty blurry and washed out now compared to the Reverb G2. I feel the G2 has come into its own with this extra FPS boost.

I downloaded a propeller mod for the Cessna 152 from flightsim.to and its almost completely eliminated the reprojection propeller warp, it looks fantastic now. Super happy with. Just stopped flying and its now 4 am!


Sweet, 100/90 is a nice place to be at, though I haven’t gotten good results with my G2 and Motion Reprojection with SU5, I think something is broken. I can tune it to be running mid 40’s FPS-wise, but then once I turn on motion smoothing, it locks to 22.5, not even 30.

Check out the settings suggested by YouTuber PIEINTHESKYTOURS. It’s working very nice and smooth for me with about the same hardware as yours.
Anti aliasing however is totally broken now after SU5 and the shimmering is really bad.

Ryzen 5600X
Radeon 6800XT
32GB ram
2 * 1 TB NVMe drives
100Mbs fibre to the home.

Forgive my ignorance, but I’m not quite sure what the OP means by “cockpit stutter” in VR. I get quite a good cockpit experience with my G2 after SU5 performance wise, now that Radeon rigs no longer CTD all the time. I’m using 100% OpenVR 80% RS in game.

The cockpit is clear and instruments easy to read and, more to the point the colours are really good inside in the planes I have used so far (unlike the scenery outside, which is often washed out with overbright clouds, which we all seem to be suffering from atm).

I’ve only tried motion reprojection once and it was a mess, with an annoying red or whatever window intruding with illegible type saying something or other about I know not what. Then the sim crashed.

I’d say my experience is about as good a Pie in the Sky’s recent videos and my settings are almost the same. Not surprising, as we have similar performing PCs.

I’m driving my G2 with what I guess now classes as a good mid-range rig (i7-9700 3.6GHz, RTX2080ti, 64 Gb, no OC, water cooled). Have to say after SU5, I’m getting extremely smooth performance in GA and astonishingly no stutters. I’ve been able to push some graphics setting up a little and now run at 100 LOD and 80% render scaling. In the JF Warrior even over downtown LA with photogrammetry on (used to be a complete no-go area performance wise!) frame rates were pretty solid 35-40fps and smooth:

The one thing that really puzzles me is how people can have such different experiences. With your rigs, you should be zipping along better than me :wink:. As for motion reprojection, tried it, didn’t like it, don’t use it. In fact pretty much stick with default WMR and OXR settings. What you fly obviously makes a big difference, but since you’re talking about the propeller visuals - assume GA too. I did also try the DC6 for an hour or so yesterday just to push things. Only had time for a couple of circuits at SBCF in Rio, but it’s a pretty complex ‘detailed’ airport. Still managed a smooth 30-34fps, with just the occasional dip to 29 when looking around quickly.

Good luck getting it sorted!

For reference, here are the VR settings I’m currently using:

Great post, thanks! Are you not getting anti aliasing issues (shimmering) post SU5? Many of us do, curious if it affects you too?

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Yeah - seen a lot of comments on that. As for me, no - not really any problem with shimmering that I’ve noticed. I did play around with antialiasing … FXAA does get a bit more performance but pretty bad shimmering (you have to imagine it’s the effect of heat haze :laughing:). TAA is much better, and seems to be manageable now.

For what it’s worth, I found motion reprojection caused all sorts of ‘tearing’ and ‘wobbling’ (for want of a better description) in the scenery as well as the propeller artifacts … the main reason I didn’t like using it even though it can do a good job of smoothing the display.


Just checked … only place I’m getting significant shimmering in VR is around very thin model items (poles, railings etc.) against a distant background (as ringed in the screenshot, SBGL). Elsewhere, nope, pretty steady

(Screenshot is 2D … so a little better than what I get in VR :wink:)


Specifically on anti aliasing in VR, if anyone hasn’t found it yet - see this thread.

By cockpit stutter, I mean when I look around the cockpit, it judders. It isn’t smooth but rather jerks like I’m missing frames. It only happens when I turn motion reprojection off, and dropping the render resolution makes minimal difference. It’s horrible.

Conversely, with motion reprojection on I get a butter-smooth cockpit and can crank the render resolution to 100 in OpenXR and 90 in game with no performance hit. I was getting some warping around the propeller with motion projection on but I downloaded a fix from flightsim.to and that’s no gone.

Overall, I’m having the best visual experience I’ve ever had with this new patch even if I seem to be doing it the opposite to everone else. Turning motion reprojection off just doesn’t work for me for some reason, but turning it on doesn’t give me the warping and tearing either now that I’ve downloaded the mod fix so I’m happy either way.

For me the shimmering is actually improved in the new patch as I’m able to run my Reverb G2 at full resolution now.

I think it might be that I’m running at higher settings and resolution. For me clarity is king and I’m now running 100 render in OpenXR, 90 in game with almost everything on ultra. I have shadows on too.
Running at like 70 render scale in OpenXR looks blurry to me so I crank everything way up.

I find with motion reprojection off it just doesn’t run at those settings whereas with it on it runs butter smooth for the most part.

I only fly slow GA craft, Cessna 152, Top Rudder Solo, Savage Cub etc the motion reprojection might be more annoying in faster moving craft? But the propeller fix I downloaded from flightsim.to has massively improved it. I didn’t notice any warping or tearing at all yesterday.

Nice. I reckon I could push render scaling to 100 in GA. I will give that a go and play around with reprojection again too.

The way you describe judder in the cockpit … I do get that in the DC6 when moving my head (translating), but not noticeable just turning (panning). Neither noticeable in GA such as the Warrior.

Overall, really enjoying SU5 … having said that, just had my first CTD in months at the point of touchdown after a 1hr flight in the DC6. Gonna try again without live traffic. There were aircraft every which way … in front, behind, on the runway and - judging by a very ominous shadow - above me too. :laughing:

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If you try motion reprojection I definitely recommend downloading the propeller mods on Flightsim.to

It’s made a huge difference to my Cessna 152 experience, practically eliminated that warping appearance and tearing. The only degradation I noticed due to motion reprojection yesterday was when I went into external mode and move my head quickly from side to side, which would tear a little. But slow movements were fine. and I had no issues at all in the cockpit view.

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To me, “everything”(EFIS displays. buttons. clouds. buildings etc.) is shimmering since SU5. Way way worse than it was in SU4/SU3.
I have more or less always run with motion reprojection off and had a nice smooth experience (even down to like 24 fps). With SU5 I’m now getting a lot of judders - especially moving head up/down still with the same settings. And of course the visuals overall looks downgraded with pop-in, LOD, shimmering etc.
People say they get increased FPS - me not so much, maybe a few FPS, but definititely no significant difference.
i7 9700K@4.9, 32GB RAM@3600, Samsung 970 NVMe, RTX 2080. Running 100% render scale and 70% OXR.

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Hi buddy!

I am in the same boat with you and I am searching now the forum for any solution.
I understand perfectly your problem and is the same for me.

My rig’s specs:

AMD 5950X (haven’t tried yet to turn off the virtual 16 cores and keep only the 16 physical ones)
128GB Ram

I have the same visual effect in the cockpit.
I’ll try some more in game settings tomorrow.

Take care!

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Almost same experience here, I’m running 100/100 with a mix of med-high-ultra settings, LOD=TLOD=200. In contrast to you, I was also experiencing the 22.5-bug before SU5. My average FPS for a specific pre-recorded test flight with the DA40 TDI are 34, my 0.1% is 25, MoRepro will still lock to 22.5. However, again in contrast to your experience, MoRepro will switch to 30 when I’m pretty high above the ground, where I get around 40…45 FPS without MoRepro.

Are you running via SteamVR or WMR? Are you setting MoRepro to “automatic” or “always on”? What NV driver and non-default settings are you using?
I’m on 471.41, my only non-default settings are power management (maximum), ani filtering (performance) and VR pre-rendererd frames (2).

RTX 3090
HP G2 with WMR+OXR

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HP Reverb G2 is a trash for me. Probably all other VR headsets would be trash as well. The biggest mistake in my life is to bought a VR headset. The image quality is so bad, almost everything is blurry outside of the cockpit when you look at far. On the other hand menu and edges are blurry as hell.

I think VR headset manufacturers should put a note on headsets and tell people that the look and graphics quality will never be the same as normal 2d monitors and surely will never the same as youtubers source recorded videos.

With this much of blurry and stutters, low frame rates between 28-35, you will wear a glass in 5-7 years because of eye problems without a doubt. It also results a motion sickness because of low fps and blurry. Maybe I will try VR again after 6-7 years when Nvidia release 6k or 7k series of RTX GPU.

My advise to people who plan to buy a VR, dont do it just after watching youtubers videos like I did. The graphic quality is not the same on the headset as recorded video in youtube. The video on youtube is recording the video from the source of the GPU which does not have blurry textures. Make sure to go somewhere and try VR for your self, then buy it if you like it.

And yes I have RTX 3080 with 10900k @5.1 OC and did all the configurations including openxr etc… I just wanted to share my experience.