Helicopter (Bell) is almost impossible to control

It is unflyable for some not all https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=586627896800774&set=a.492530426210522

I modded the following existing mod so I can show in my vids the axis.

It is very easy to adapt it basicly to helicopters:

You have to change the file html_ui\InGamePanels\InputViewer\InputViewer.js and rebind the axis settings with variables you can find eg. here: Helicopter Variables

I did it in following way:

"aileron","YOKE X POSITION","position"
"elevator","YOKE Y POSITION","position"
"rudder","TAIL ROTOR PEDAL POSITION","position"
"aileronTrim","ROTOR LATERAL TRIM PCT","percent over 100"
"elevatorTrim","ROTOR LONGITUDINAL TRIM PCT","percent over 100"
"rudderTrim","RUDDER TRIM PCT","percent over 100"
"brakeLeft","ROTOR BRAKE HANDLE POS","percent over 100"
"brakeRight","ROTOR BRAKE HANDLE POS","percent over 100"
"throttle1","GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1","position"

Its a quick change, and may be the mod-developer bring an update for helis, but not sure.

PS: if you check source-code in gitlab, you can better read whats going on in that js :slight_smile:

EDIT: changed link to the mod without “de” , thanks @BenderS92 for the hint


I was to lazy to change also the Texts on the panels :rofl:

Nos issue and works nicely. Thanks !!! :+1:

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it is a very good easy and usefull mod… may be somewhere have time to create a fork in gitlab and make that ‘change’ permanent for helis ( some things are to do , e.g. cases with more engines, etc. ). Or the “gold” solution would be, that the axis are not hardcoded and users can choose that in the mod settings. But here I not sure whats possible… I had till now not enough time to check more than create a basic mod project , and/or “mod” existing mods :slight_smile: … on other side, I wondered from day one why msfs itself not offer such a live-axis-viewer.

What version did you download? The author updated to 1.3.0 two days ago and indicated that helicopter support was added.

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I can confirm it works with helicopters with no modifications now.

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Your link is switching my flightsim.to language to German. Can you edit the link and remove the ‘de’ in front of the link please?

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You should not need to modify this now that the dev has updated it.

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I had the older 1.2.xx where it was not included, therefore I changed it for my self. Now it seems mod developer added a new version 1.3.0 3 days ago :slight_smile:


I will try and a big :+1: to the developer of the mod.

Why my heli always head up a lot and i have to push down all the way while flying?
Does it have a trim like ordinary aircraft to pitch up and down in MSFS ?

I estimate that the half of the posts here and in the parallel topics for Bell,Capri are about “trim” :rofl:

Yes, there is a “trim” ( you can check in settings where specialy for helicopters are new trim assigments/axis ). What currently not really works well ( positive sayd ) is Force-Trim ( one trim button ).

I’m a 4,000 hour helicopter pilot, including 150 hrs in the 407 and this things is non flyable. Even a slight pull of the collective and the things bounces everywhere.

Search the topic for known bugs and how to fix them, this heli is working.

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check the ’ switch to legacy → store → back to modern flightmodel ’ - ‘trick’… The bell does not react in that way normaly.