Helicopters in FS2020?

When will MS add these? I really want to fly a helicopter with all the beautiful scenery that FS2020 now provides. On the same topic has anyone tried the Airbus H-145 add on helicopter and if so what are your feelings?

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We currently have 4 helicopters in the sim.

H135 (Free)
H145 (Paid)
Bell 47G (Paid)
Robinson R44 Raven ll (Free)

I own them all, but I don’t really fly helicopters.

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The H135 and the R44 Raven are very good FREEWARE at flightsim.to.I use them whenever I want to do a slow tour of any areas that takes my fancy.The R44 is just a bit trickier to fly but I’m having great fun with them.Full value for free.

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helicopters in msfs are ace.

try the free 135 without delay.

I have the 145 and the Bell 47 paid mods.Both are fun in very different ways.

Whilst, visible quality and feature wise the 145 is superior I do tend to fly the Bell far more as although currently a bit basic, it’s light on fps and feels more fun like messing around on rollerskates compared to the luxury limo feel of the 145.


they’re both splendid products and are both worth a serious look with a view to a purchase.

both also feel as if they are part of msfs and the FMs don’t feel tacked on but rather as if they’re standard.

I’ve zero experience in whirly birds but they both feel right. (and can be tailored to taste)

the r44 has also been released as freeware but I’ve not spent much time in that as its early beta and it hasn’t “grabbed” me…yet.

so, helis are good, I prefer them to most aircraft (except my beloved c22j.)

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I have but with my joystik PXN2119 impossible to fly!

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