Here is my 18-Leg Bush Trip through North Idaho!

This 18-leg spring time adventure will take you to the most beautiful and remote locations in the North Idaho backcountry, all while navigating intense weather and challenging landing strips. Much like my Central Idaho Bush Trip, mountains and rivers dominate the remote landscapes of northern Idaho. This trip is so extensive, I couldn’t keep it all in Idaho! Covering almost 800 nautical miles, from the Bitterroot Wilderness in Montana to the Palouse in Washington, this exciting trip will show you why this remote region is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States.

Start flying now!

Thank you to all of you in this great community who showed me amazing support and provided great feedback on the thread for my Central Idaho Bush Trip. I learned a TON in creating this bush trip, and I think you will see that the writing is much more descriptive, the waypoints more identifiable, and the weather much more diverse, thanks to the SoFly weather preset pack.

If you liked my first bush trip, I think you are going to LOVE this one! As always please provide all the feedback you can, both good and bad! It will help me make these bush trips even better. Also, I think am going international for my next one, but I want to hear your requests. Where would you like to see my next bush trip?


Bought. The first one was really entertaining and challenging, so I’m looking forward to this one. I urge other pilots here to take a look if you’re at all interested in this type of exploration in order to encourage this type of development in our sim. The value add is immense, IMO.


These Bush flights are my favorite part of MSFS 2020! ::


Thank you so much for the kind words! You have always been super supportive and positive and really enjoyed my bush trips. Luckily there is plenty more to come!

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Thanks so much! Please keep us posted on your progress in here. Post some screenshots!

Can not wait! Will start this very soon! Thanks a million, Mike.

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Thanks man! I am going to tweek leg one a bit based off a great suggestion by @okestone so I will get that update out in a couple of hours :slight_smile: Thanks @okestone!


I still have your first Bush Trip to work through. That climb on leg one… it killed me. :joy:

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Haha it gets a little more intense…ok, a lot more intense :slight_smile: You are going to love it!


This looks awesome! I may just need to do it when I finish my current trip to Oshkosh. Looks like very nice work!


Man, you are making me learn the plane. Cannot wait for the Northern Trip!

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Thanks man! It’s hope you do! It’s a beautiful, fun and challenging adventure. But a tough three weeks putting it together. Haha

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Haha only one way to learn the plane! Got to throw yourself in the thick of it :joy:

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Guys, if anyone still doesn’t have this, what are you waiting for? This is beyond anything MS provided in the default trips. Just phenomenal…


Ah you rock Jeremy! Thank you so much for the kind words and the valuable feedback that you provided. I am stoked to get #3 in your hands soon!

Great work, looks awesome! I will get started this evening!

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Thank you so much! Shoot me a note before you get started. I am adding this new awesome waypoint at the beginning and want to make sure you have the updated package before you start. Although the description for it is already on the website description, so you don’t really ‘need’ that waypoint in the NavLog.

Thanks to the great suggestion from @okestone, I have added a pretty awesome waypoint to the first leg. It’s actually the FIRST waypoint of the bush trip. If you have already downloaded the bush trip, look for an email with the updated package download, otherwise it’s not hard to just add it visually as it is not far off the original flight path. Updated description and Nav Log on the website.

‘Gain enough altitude to tackle the high mountain peaks and head north east until you reach the Memaloose landing strip, which lies on some flat land at 6,700 feet in the mountains. This is an optional landing, but it is a beautiful strip that is amazing to take off from, so I highly suggest you land here, take in the view, and continue. Approach the landing from the south and take off facing south as well.’

Milky Way! Haven’t done many night flights as of this date, great to see it’s modeled in the sim. :smiley:

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Yeah! It’s pretty cool to see the different directions of it based off the month. Someone had posted about a way (some screen setting or something) to make them brighter and more awesome, but I can’t remember what it was :tired_face: