Homemade steering tiler

It’s so more easy to taxi now :smiley:


Why not just use the twist axis of the TCA sidestick?

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I used to, but mine has that freakin bug… shakes like crazy. I know there is a simple fix but this tiller feels alot better… at least to me. And also the challange of making it. Was a fun project to do.


Everyone has that… Just follow the method done in this topic and you should get rid of the shaking.

It looks great was it 3D printed?

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Tks Neo, I am going to check it out.

Yes. 4 pieces, the box and the bottom lid for acess, the knob and the logo. The box has a built in support for the arduino. I may mess with the design a bit more to acommodate 6 extra inputs that can be wither buttons or switches… or both. It’s being a fun project to do and definitely alot better now, handling the a320 on the taxiway. Feels more precise. The LED’s were programmed to go off when you have it centered, and light on to the side I am turning.

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Sometimes I envy people like you… Hahaha. Like it’s so easy to have a solution to every problem by just 3D printing something, build a circuit board DIY everything that looks so easy like cooking a daily meal.

I always thought that you can’t get or make things like this unless you’re a professional modeler and engineer that does this on an industrial scale for a living. And you made it look like you did this on a whim on a regular weekend.

Meanwhile, I’m only limited to what I can find on the market and buy it and make do with what I have.


It’s just a mix of several knowledge really, I am an IT professional for 20+ yrs, then I grew up a more recent passion for 3d modeling / 3d printing (simple stuff), and my kid is super into electronics and programming too… so we put all this in the pot and pull this tiller out for my most loved hobbie of flight simulation. And to me flight simulation it’s just amazing these days with all the software and technology available… so much different from my first msfs 3.0 in the late 80’s.
Funny that this project started like you said… I woke up one saturday decided to solve my steering problem in msfs lol, but took us a few weeks to acomplished.

Very nice! Is there a mechanism inside which is centering the tiller with springs?

Tks Lama! Unfortunately it doesnt. I could not find a potentiometer with self center capability, that is why I put the LED’s in. When both are off you have it centered, and when you are turning to one of the sides the correspondent LED turns on.

Yeah, I’m also an IT professional, but mostly on consulting side… Not so much on software engineering or anything hardware related other than PC-building. I can put things together, but not so much as making something new.

I guess for me, I’ll just get myself one of these if I can.

That one is top notch man, really cool. Tks for sharing. Mine alot more simpler, but also alot less expensive lol.

Similar minds!

The wheel is now a trim wheel, but the idea is very similar.

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what about put some plate inside attached to pot and with spring from plate to cover. I like your design.

Excellent work.

Did you think about using a centre detent potentiometer instead? Something to think about for an upgrade maybe. Nice job none the less.

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that’s the spirit!!! It works man, Excelent job!!!

Tks CB !!!

Definitly!!! This was the 1st prototype but I am so motivated to make a version 2.0. A self center potentiometer is definitly a must have.

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Very nice! It inspires me for a next project!