Horizon line visible through mountains and objects

The issue tends to ruin lovely sunsets.

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Yes there is overs 100 screenshots in this thread.

This issue is still around after 2 years … wow :joy:

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yes it is still there… and nothing has been done…including in SU 10 beta 2…

See ExpressTomato52’s post above! This will not be fixed.

Well, not for the foreseeable future at least. It makes me wonder how much of their own engine they actually understand.

My only advice would be for everyone to continue submitting Zendesk tickets about it after every WU/SU. Let them know it’s still in he forefront of peoples minds.


That might be the only thing left for us to keep the hope. I completely understand that this is a rendering issue and maybe trying to sort it out would actually mess up a lot of other visual aspects of the game, I do not know. At least they should give a deeper explanation on why this is “unfixable”, it is bad enough to at least give community complete answer.

I just experienced maybe the most severe one yet, landing at Innsbruck few minutes ago.


Your pix are hard to digest, aren’t they? I (fortunately) didn’t observe it that obtrusive yet.

However, I noticed and reported (together with others) the horizon line in the first alpha, almost 3 years ago. It may be deeply hidden and hard to fix, but given any other flight simulators I fly (including MSFS’s relatives FSX and P3D) don’t show this line, it should be doable.

It’s been a while since I used X-Plane, probably August 20th 2020 if memory serves, but I remember that it has its own graphical artefacts back then that may or may not have been resolved since.

When you had Visual Effects set to HDR+SSAO you got this weird water mask effect when looking through trees towards the horizon. There would be a vertical line intersecting a horizontal line which if I remember right was aligned with the horizon. I probably have some old videos that show this from that time.

Thread about this here, which I contributed to at the time.

You can see it bears more than a passing resemblance to what we have now, and disabling SSAO was the “fix”.

You did not read above, and they explained why before on Q@A, they know much more then you think.

And it wont be in a near future, major code change required, basically need to redone all kind of shader engine from scratch that affect all MSFS graphic from ground to sky. They already explained on Q@A. There is much more important things to improve and fix then this line when someone focus their eyes only on that line.

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The issue never got fixed on Xplane because it would require major code change to fix it and affect everything on the sim.

That sounds familiar, now doesn’t it. I wonder if the root cause is the same for both sims.

I just got into the sim again after 18 months away, and am dismayed to see this ■■■■ line still plagues my view. Unbelievable! I don’t see this in YouTube videos but maybe I haven’t just noticed it there. Does this affect anyone, or only certain configs?

It affects everyone, and is most noticeable at certain times of day. But it is always there.

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Yes, it appears to be most noticeable when the sun is low in the sky, at sunrise or sunset, looking into the sun with mountains present.


Does anyone know an approximate ETA for this issue to be addressed by the Devs? Now that the sim is getting all those new bells and whistles this problem Is starting to become sickening.

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Yes never. They have said it would require a new engine so it’s not going to go away and we have to live with it.

IIRC their wording was that it was deeply embedded in the code, and it would need to be ripped apart, and put back together again, or words to that effect. Never is a long time, but it may as well be, which is a shame. Not the end of the world, but a minor niggle.

Never really noticed until it was pointed out.

Now I can’t un-see it.

Thanks a lot boys…