Hot Fix to get rid of haze

Haze needs a lot of work, but i don’t think anyone’s being unreasonable by asking for a toggle to turn this effect on/off at will. Afterall, sometimes it really works and other times it’s overkill. Some examples below:

Here is where it works well, on a cold dawn at Anchorage,Alaska .

And here is where it doesn’t,… on a hot day at San Miguel, Argentina. Although we’re looking at 8km visibility, this resembles smog/pollution far more than haze created by heat/humidity.


This weird haze effect is terrible. And I thought the thunderstorms were bad. It’s gone from BAD to WORSE!


The haze is fantastic. I’m not saying its always accurate but is anyone here looking at these screen shots and seriously thinking the sim looked better before the update without the haze? It looks so much nicer now and has the potential to be so much more realistic. I was gobsmacked during these flights at how beautiful it looked.


Still way too much in those pics, looking down into the haze is “fancy” but flying through it looks terrible and unrealistic. I want a realistic flight from takeoff to landing, I’m not playing a cinematic screen shot maker. This is a crisp fall day!?

Great looking or not the live weather should match the (you guessed it) live weather! This means the weather should match with the METAR near airports. Cloud coverage should be correct and base / ceiling should be at the reported height above ground, visibility needs to match the reported visibility. As it looks now, its bugged, pretty haze or not.

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I got news for you. It dose match close to airports and at airports. For a $129 game it dose a pretty dang good job with the live weather and its going to get better. If you listened to the Q and A the live weather is right at airports and close too, AND then its blended for your flight.

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Agreed that the haze effect is not 100% done yet, but the METAR at SANT does not indicate high humidity or temperature >35 C.

Haze is really bad in VR.


Yes, exactly why that thick haze looks even more out-of-place.

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Have you verified the source of the haze? It could be smoke or smog too, right? Not sure if the location has that issue.

The new haze is beautiful. The new haze is awesome. The new haze is spectacularly realistic.

The new haze is everywhere on every flight. There is too much haze.

In real life this much haze is rare.

The new haze needs fixing ASAP.

I got news for you. Depends on where you are flying maybe but my experience so far is different, e.g. clouds on the ground and haze everywhere. Hence the comment that maybe they confused the cloud base / ceiling height from the METAR with above MSL. In any case, there is nothing wrong with starting a thread explaining that something is wrong, it only makes the product better at the end. So far it looks nice but doesn’t match the METAR so reason to complain. Also the ATIS does not match the METAR which would be the easiest thing to fix, it could literally just read the METAR to you! They contain the same info and are usually refreshed at the same time.

Genuinely don’t understand how anyone can say this is an improvement. The weather doesn’t match the metars anyway, and there are horrible abrupt transitions.


I’m not even talking about the transition, when I’m at an airport and look at the real world METAR I would expect:

  1. The ATIS to exactly match that METAR.
  2. Clouds not to be on the ground.
  3. Visibility to more or less match.
  4. Correct QNH, temperature and dewpoint.
  5. No mist or haze if the real world visibility is great.

I want to clear up one thing though, I don’t believe we are talking about haze in this thread, you can rarely see haze from ground level, usually it can be seen obscuring the horizon when flying higher. The definition of haze:

“A term you might also hear mentioned is haze. This is a slightly different phenomenon which is a suspension of extremely small, dry particles in the air, not water droplets. These particles are invisible to the naked eye, but sufficient to give the air an opalescent appearance.”

What we are actually discussing here is fog or mist, which is caused by a high relative humidity and subsequent condensation of moisture in the air.


“Fog is defined as ‘obscurity in the surface layers of the atmosphere, which is caused by a suspension of water droplets’.”

”By international agreement (particularly for aviation purposes) fog is the name given to resulting visibility less than 1 km. However, in forecasts for the public, this generally refers to visibility less than 180 m.”


“Mist is defined as ‘when there is such obscurity and the associated visibility is equal to or exceeds 1000 m.’ Like fog, mist is still the result of the suspension of water droplets, but simply at a lower density.”

“Mist typically is quicker to dissipate and can rapidly disappear with even slight winds, it’s also what you see when you can see your breath on a cold day.“

The majority of pictures I have seen in this thread so far is mist, not haze. Regarding mist and haze, I’m wondering where they get this info from. The METAR visibility only goes to 9999 (10 km or more), above they either take it from another source or some formula using the temp / dewpoint split.


Don’t forget to mention the “QNH value below 983 won’t work at all” bug.

So apart from the fact that I personally cannot get used to the functions of the VR controller and still do not use them, it has become an absolutely great SU7. What bothers me a little, however, is the amount of fog or haze that is just too exaggerated. Even if you fly over a desert at lunchtime, everything is hazy. That doesn’t fit like that! You can no longer see anything of the landscape and even when flying low over larger cities, the landscape is not clear. I have the feeling Asobo made it so strong to simply cover the LOD and only show the nearby buildings and landscape in detail, which then brings a better performance. Please take out a little haze again.

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This is what I would call haze. Not the blankets of fog we have been given. FSX was capable of this kind of haze…


Here is a comparison:

Real world METAR:

EETN 211020Z 34005KT 310V010 9999 OVC020 03/M02 Q0996 NOSIG

  • The wind is exactly as in the METAR, good you would think, problem is that there is 10 degrees magnetic variation here and the METAR wind direction is TRUE, not MAGnetic.
  • Visibility nothing to comment on, no haze, mist, fog this time.
  • Not overcast, not a 2000 ft (above ground) either, rather at 1000 ft MSL.
  • Temperature at ground level is correct.
  • QNH (converted from hPa to inHg) is correct.

Moments later, updated METAR:

EETN 211050Z 35007KT 330V030 8000 -SHRASN SCT017CB BKN026 02/M01 Q0997 NOSIG

  • The wind again exactly matches the METAR, magnetic variation not taken into account.
  • As can be seen in the screenshot the visibility as far less than the reported 8000 m.
  • -SHRASN is present in the sim.
  • The first cloud base is around 1600 ft which is 1500 ft above ground, there is not second BKN layer at 2600 ft above ground.
  • Temperature and QNH are correct.

At 2600 ft above ground, right where the broken layer is supposed to start there is nothing. Instead its where the clouds tops are. I saw some “CBs” with tops a little higher but not more than a few thousand feet. I think everybody can agree, this is not what SCT017CB and BKN026 looks like:

The ATIS meanwhile:

Wind 341 / 12, visibility 5, broken at 1300 ft, temperature 2, dewpoint 10, QNH 29.44.

  • Wind direction is correct and takes into account magnetic variation of 9E! Unfortunately the actual wind in the sim does not. Although it should be rounded to the nearest 10 degrees.
  • Wind speed is wrong, no idea where 12 kts comes from.
  • Visibility 5, 5 what? I assume statute miles which would correspond to 8 km.
  • Broken altitude 1300 ft does not match the METAR, nor the weather in the sim.
  • Temperature and QNH correct.
  • Dewpoint cannot be higher than the temperature.

I really don’t understand the ATIS issue, it could literally just read the real world METAR to you when in live weather with one little change being magnetic variation applied to wind direction. Otherwise the METAR and ATIS are usually refreshed at the exact same time and contain the same info. I wouldn’t even matter that the ATIS doesn’t exactly match the weather in the sim 100%, neither do the real world METAR and ATIS match actual weather conditions in the real world.

Next I just selected a random airport up North somewhere (Resolute Bay - CYRB) which should have a magnetic variation of 25W, yet the wind exactly mimics the METAR. So I’m afraid Asobo is directly copying the wind from the METAR without taking magnetic variation into account.

Manual weather menu uses km/h instead of kts, why? First of all I have hybrid system selected, and when using metric system m/s would be used, not km/h… When using manual weather the ATIS is broken? It keeps reporting the live weather…

Maybe we can do a couple more comparisons like this to find out where it is going wrong.


Some haze is fine, its a fairly regular occurrence in the UK but all this thick fog blanketing the aerodromes, its too much and doesnt match the real world condition, at least not based on live camera shots I have looked at at various airports.

I’m voting with my feet; I’ve always used live weather but I’m knocking it on the head till it’s fixed. So there’s a bit more bandwidth for all of you. You’re welcome :wink: