How do I find the Japan your flight?

I have the content downloaded but as the notice no longer appears in the home screen I have no idea how to select that flight.

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So no one can tell me how to find the Japan tour flight?

Wasn’t it removed? Sorry i know this doesn’t answer your question…

It was a time limited community event that got replaced by the Halloween landing challenge.

Someone saved out the flight plan and posted it here.

I verified it works and you can load it using the flight planner just like loading any other .pln file. Now, however, you have the freedom to use any plane you want, although flying with a C172 will need some serious fuel and seat time.

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Thank you!

I would be more understanding if they didn’t announce it still as one of the features of the Japan update as something new to do.

I’m happy to see this flight plan. I HATE flying the King Air, so I never did this tour when it was active. Now I can do it in a plane that I actually like flying.

Thanks for this.