[HOW-TO] Change the installation path of installed packages inc community folder

Thank you. I now see that someone else posted about the same issue, but I overlooked it. My mistake.

Perhaps the topic author @tamalien an modify the instructions and include that point. I think that will be helpful for others.

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I just wonder: If it’s this easy to relocate the content data, why are so many people writing about creating symbolic links to cope with this ? Seems a bit overkill of a solution then…

There are people in this Forum that have various technical backgrounds and experience in PC hardware and computer programming.

Many people just have the technical ability to install the FS2020 program and fly the planes. That is what is desired.

They exist on a technical level to only need to create a folder on the drive they want to move FS2020 to and then with the FS2020 App “Move” command, tell it where that folder is.

The other more technical experienced people keep their PC and its software configured in a more self controlled and desired manner that they want and know how to configure and
use it.

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Symbolic Links allow you to only load the addons you want to use during a session.
This decreases the loading time, and greatly reduces the chance of a CTD due to an addon confllict.
Just moving the Community folder to a different location does not do that.

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Symbolic Links
If I want to edit my UserCfg.opt file, I can use Notepad.


But the folder, Local Cache, is a Symbolic Link folder indicated by the arrow in the folder icon.

The actual physical folder and file is located on my D: drive
because I moved the “Installed Packages” to the D: drive.

The Local Cache folder on D: drive.

This is a real physical folder and does not have the arrow in the folder icon.

Inside this folder is the real physical file, UserCfg.opt.

Note that I edit the file name on the C: drive but physically edit the file on the D: drive.

Why go to all of this trouble?

The FS2020 application can access the symbolic address.
It does not have to know or determine where you have moved the folder/file to and doesn’t care where it has been moved to.


Thanks for the explanation. I can see this is quite handy. Sorry if it sounded like I was rude, that was not the intention, I just didn’t understand. I have had a long break from flightsim so getting into the new FS2020 is quite overwhelming, plus the install size. I soon realized that my system drive would be full in no time if I continued with the default install, so I was looking for a way to deal with that.


After the final releade of SU10 changing InstalledPackagesPath is broken for me.
I moved all Official pakages to another drive and edited the path on UserCfg.opt. Then the Sim states at startup missing files and want to download again.

Before SU10 the method worked.

Does anybody else experience this issue?