How to Get the Update to Appear in Windows Store

So been flying around the Alps in VR on the Discovery flight. Absolutely breathtaking!

I can confirm that editing the config file for the VR settings for off screen caching DOES work. And I can report that I could see little performance degredation as a result, which is good news. I see no popping etc.

Terrain morphing is, however, still a thing, although that bug is logged here:

Try running the xbox app, make sure you are logged into it, and start the sim from in the app - others are reporting this helps

OK, but it is partly down to how people use (or don’t) the xbox app. Bascially you are using xbox services and the ecosystems are linked and hence you need to be in the xbox app. Essentially this is like steam - steam does it in one app, MS does it in two - the store and the xbox app are separated.

I can’t understand the faffing about to download these updates. I tried everything in the book but could not get the download to show up. Then just as the last of my hair was being torn out I noticed a post saying that if on pc you need to download the Xbox app. Prior to this I kind of thought that was for, you know, Xbox players. Do Xbox users need a pc app? Anyway download is now a thing and hopefully everything will be great…….hopefully.
You really would think that the all knowing, ‘we know what you need better than you know what you need’ corporate megalomaniacs at MS Towers would be able to offer a download that was simple and straightforward :crazy_face:

Anything they can do to make it a pain. Never had to take this action with any other update to FS. First time for everything I suppose. But heck, on the other side, I was awarded a prize in the newegg shuffle again today. One can always use a new video card. Maybe.

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Thanks bud, that was great tip. Sure worked for me.

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After installing the xbox app the update was shown in the MS store as many others already reported. The update went smoothly and I can confirm that after the update the xbox app can be uninstalled and MSFS be launched from the start menu as before.
I must admit I thought the xbox app was some sort of resource hungry xbox emulator which is why I did not want to install it but in fact it seems to be just an interface to the the games from the MS store. Why both are needed I have no idea. I guess I will reinstall it just before SU6…

Makes sense.
Why couldn’t MS simply said this up front?

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This worked for me.

Never would have figured this out without your post. The opposite of a friction free experience.

Thanks for your post.

Everybody ready for Window 11 ?

I did download the app and tried all suggestions with negative results. Before this I was able to download with no problem. Now just awful. Why do they make this so difficult?

Xbox App, Xbox Console Companion App, Xbox Game Bar, Microsoft Store… what a mess!

I dumped Steam so I wouldn’t have to deal with this social media mess. Now I can’t run the sim without getting the MS version of Steam (Xbox app)?

Seems Xbox rules now

I have tried absolutely eveything and nothing makes displays the update in my microsoft store
I am about to vomit

You have to install something called “Xbox App” on your PC. Don’t ask why.

These updates go one of four ways:

  • Just work (25% of the time)
  • Clear Store Cache (25% of the time)
  • Log-out-log-in dance with store, and app (25% of the time)
  • Re-install (25% of the time)

The last two updates have been log-out-log-in dance.

Worked for me, thanks!

yes I have

Now downloading OK. First time I have needed to install the X-Box app to update! Thanks for this forum.

Finally worked
Disgusting procedures

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