[HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide - Discussion Thread

Thanks for the reply but I definitely know how to adjust my graphics settings. I am looking for a breakdown of each option and the weight it has on CPU or GPU. Obviously things like resolution are GPU and don’t affect CPU. I would like to know which settings affect which hardware more.

Also, With a 1660ti you should be able to get more than 20 frames. The fact that your cpu is so low is exactly my point. You can lower the GPU options and raise the CPU options.

is’nt this the topic here ? Does you checked the link from the first post ?

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The OP is about the best available, tested with both GPU and CPU limited systems. I found it most helpful. Here’s the link again.

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yes … what I said… it is IS THE TOPIC. The only point to know is, that this topic is a separate “discussion thread” about :rofl: … the users must just read the first post.

Every graphic pixel that is displayed is sent to the GPU by the
CPU which is then returned to the CPU to be sent out to the display port.

My GPU cannot keep up with my CPU.
I need a RTX 3080 maybe TI at MSRP.

Yeah kind of, but with your settings you can add more cpu until you hit the bottleneck. You shouldn’t have one sitting at 11% while the other is screaming. So you can lower your gpu to get more frames, or you can increase your cpu toll a bit at no cost.


Given it is now the 13th, Makes sense to wait until after the 27th and the next update before drawing any conclusion about the settings. It is expected optimizations might shuffle all this information a little bit by then.


Yes, I realized this forum is not part of the beta forum so I apologize.

There should be a recommendation somewhere for the monitor to be plugged into the GPU card and turn off the graphics card on the motherboard. This might not be possible with some hardware configurations often used by laptops.

completely retesting for performanceplus just have some personal stuff to attend to first


Sounds great, thanks.

I look forward to it

Just read the new test and will try your recommendations.

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Got a link?

it is linked 4 posts above.

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Think I’m what’s known as a blind fish! Thanks :grinning:

could be the wrong screenshots for “lensflare”?

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you were right, fixed!

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