How to set up live weather so it works reliably? (or, am I being an idiot?)

I’ve been having constant issues for the last year with Live weather. It just doesnt seem to work for anything other than one or two flights then it defaults to clear skies even when the live weather is selected.

Im honestly not sure what Im doing wrong here. Can anyone take me through a basic live weather setup?

I would like to know if there is anything in my setup that I’m doing incorrectly or if there are one or two settings that are causing clashes theat can cause the clear skies default.

System is a mid range PC, Core i7, RTX 2080i, 16Gb Ram, 1Tb sdd, etc, good. high speed fibre broadband that is all working properly (I use the system for professional 3D CAD/VR design and visualisation as well)

Ok, so this is what I see today at LSGG, everything was set up with live weather, metar feed is workling but there are no clouds…

The system setup is as follows:

Now I’m honestly not sure what is the problem here, everything on the system says that this is the correct setup, there was an issue a few months/years back where the metar feed couldn’t be accessed if you setup the options in a certain way so the system then defaulted to clear skies but i honestly don’t know if this is still the case…either way, no clouds.

Options menu is set up so the metar data should be fed in…

Double checking a Metar feed from the internet:

The world map was showing clouds (sorry, didnt screengrab this) when I started

Oh, and just to make sure that its not a beautiful clear day in Geneva, yes, it can happen, even in early November…but today:

Ive tried running everything with the community folder cleared and the same issues come up

Have I missed something?

My general workaround (after repeatedly trying to get this to function) is to just manually set up the weather myself from the approporaite Metar feed taken from the internet, but it really would be good to get this all working as advertised. Any help greatly appreciated

It looks to be in perfect order from what you’ve shown.

The only things you could try is, instead of the Live in the lower (weather) corner, select the preset button and change your weather on the fly, see if that jolts it back to the live weather.
Other thing you might want to try, is click on your username in the menu (hit escape whilst on the tarmac), and change the server to another one. It is usually on automatic to have the lowest ping, but sometimes switching it to another one might also give you the correct depiction of weather.

Other than that, sorry m8… maybe in a couple of days, when the update drops you might be rid of this problem out of itself.

Woof ~ Woof & Salute!


ps… i was going to make a joke about turning it on and off again (standard callcentre rap) but since you’ve been bothered by this for a year, i thought i’d only mention it here :wink:

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ok, so rolling cache deleted, fiddled with the server settings but to no avail.

Shut down and rebooted (twice)

restarted and…

so hopeful now…


Thats a big fat nope.


Also check that:

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Nope, I’m definately not using the sim in Dev mode and the live weather (well, at least the clouds) isnt starting at all as opposed to failing in mid flight AFAIK The live weather injection issue was fixed a couple of updates back.

Oh well, probably going to keep setting the weather manually as best I can and if that dent work I’ll wait until the next update and see if that fixes it.

For some people, the issue with the clouds injection that stops after some time in the sim can be experienced after like 1h of flying, but for others it can start right away after launching the sim so that is why I provided you the link.
Anyway, have you tried to disable IPv6 in you network settings (you’ll need to restart your PC) ?

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After a few months of frustration this seems to now be working : the last 4 flights in Europe and 2 in the US have had proper weather…I’ve not made any changes (except keeping the graphics drivers updated) so I’m going to put this issue down to a glitch in the matrix and/or server issues. Weather data isnt being displayed on the globe screen but seems to be fed in to the sim once the flight is set up/loaded from simbrief.

Regardless, enjoyed lovely flight today from EGKK to LSZH, UK weather seems pretty much spot on as the departure from Gatwick goes near where I live so the temperatures are hovering around zero with ground mist, broken cloud and winter sun and the approach and landing in Zurich was suitably gloomy,-3 degreesC and snowy for mid December.

I’m going to really tempt fate and put this down as solved…for now… :thinking: :crossed_fingers:

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You can check my post , I had same problem with no clouds in live weather. You can see what I did , now I have clouds all the time. I know it looks like you have solved it , but might be worth to check what I did too.

Annnnnnnnd, clouds have gone again.

Ive no idea what is going on here, the cloud injection is totally random, at best about 10% of the time it perfect, other times it starts a few minutes into the sim,the majority of the time it only shows low level clouds and nothing above 500ft so a bit of low level mist, and others I’m treated to the default 20degrees C temperature, winds from 270 degrees and std pressure and perfectly clear skies.

The METAR in the game and on the ATIS is giving correct weather info that correlates to the real life METAR so my system settings are obvioulsy correct. theissue seems to be somewhere in the system that is not generating correct clouds, precipitaiton or wind/gusts etc.

so today, we’ve got low cloud , ceiling 240ft and heavy rain in the SE UK but the sim is showing sun and a bit of mist:

And no, Im not using developer mode, IPv6 is not being used, all data settings should allow live weather etc etc…sorry, bit angry now tbh :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

My view is the weather simply doesnt work reliably, very frustrating but I will persevere with trying to find a workable solution or just be patient to see if a sim update fixes this in the future…

Did you check out my post right above yours. This fixed no clouds for me permanently.

I seem to have a different windows firewall to yours (my ISP uses Norton which doesnt seem to show the flight sim anywhere in its programme listing…hmmm…). The core MSFS2020 setup on windows defender all looks ok and regardless, the system is still giving me metar info that is correct : eg, its currently 3degrees C , no wind, overcast at 1600ft and heacy rain at ENZV, qnh 1003…and the sim then has the airport at 20degrees C, qnh 1013, a bit misty at low level and then cloudless skies…

The whole firewall setting thing looks like opening a huge can of worms so I’m naturally reticent to go randomly changing settings with no clear idea of what this will do to the rest of my system

Something is definately wrong but I dont see how the sim can be picking up the correct METAR data both in the Weather setting/METAR window and the ATC ATIS report and then decides not to actual create this in the sim itself.
Also ive no idea why it worked fine for about 4 days a couple of weeks back and then gradually reverted back to clear skies.

Ho hum :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

If I can get a clear day I will do a full reinstall and see if that fixes things.

I know this can be frustrating, as it was for me too. The only thing I can tell is what fixed it for me and that is:
Go to windows defender firewall
click on advanced settings
click on inbound rules
scroll down to flightsimulator.exe you might have many I did not sure why
click on each one, than in right pane there is a spot to toggle selection to enable or disable
make sure they are all enabled
that is what got everything to work for me, no problems since, good luck!