How to show other players "Stock" FA18 as a FA18 and Other Stock Aircraft Correctly

Are you seeing other players “Stock” FA18 as a FA18 ? I only see them as an Airliner.

I have "Use Generic Aircraft Models (Multiplayer) set to OFF. Is that correct ?

Or, is everyone using Marketplace 3rd Party FA18’s that I do not have ?

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I’m seeing F-18’s as airliners too. I always assumed it was because the other players were using marketplace liveries on their F-18’s.

Thank you for the feedback !
Well, I have only stock airplanes and I have yet to see a FA18 in my airspace except by the listing, I always view them as some airliner version. Surely some people just use stock FA18’s or I have something set incorrectly.

we’re safe to assume you’ve downloaded and updated the Maverick content right?

Yes this is correct.

Yes , Maverick content and Everything else is updated.

I am on a PC:
And there on approach at KPNS (Pensacola), is a DC3, however, when it passes over the threshold, it appears as a small piper or turbo. I just seem to see too many A/C listed as something other than what I see. Gee Whiz, is everyone flying Addon A/C ?
…Why is there so much discrepancy between what is listed in the sky and what we see when we get close to the A/C ?

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If you are on Xbox there is a topic you add comments/vote on. Xbox has a long-lived model matching bug that for some reason hasn’t been fixed.

I should have mention that I am on a PC. I will edit my comment, thank you for bringing that to my attention.

No problem, On PC I don’t have a problem. Only when I don’t have the livery. Last night I seen a f-18 with the Candian livery spawn in New Zealand with a F-16.

I also should have mentioned that I have NO Addons, Nothing in my community folder.
I have Multiplayer Show Only Generic turned OFF. 99% of the time I see FA18’s as an airliner.

Seems a shame that we do not seem to get some really good solutions to this problem.


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