How to take screenshots?

How do I take a screenshot? Where are they saved?


The command in the game is HOME. However, this didn’t work in the alpha/beta. Don’t know if it does now.

But what DOES work is hitting WIN + PrintScreen. This saves to your \Pictures\Screenshots folder. You can tell when it works because the screen darkens for an instant when you take the pic.


You can use the Windows shortcut “Windows key + PrintScreen” keys, the screenshot will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.
Or if you have the Game Bar enabled, you can use the “Windows Key + Alt + PrintScreen” key combo to capture a screenshot. To see where this is saved to click Start then go to Settings > Gaming > Captures.
If you have HDR enabled, the first option may result in an overexposed image. The second (Game Bar) option will save a correctly toned mapped PNG file and a JXR file.

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what does this have to do with prop planes?

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i highly doubt that, but okay, carry on

simple quick look would have given you the answer :wink:

if you are using nvidia video card, hit alt+f1, youll do nice screenshots, no need to paste them anywhere (theyll be saved at documents/videos)


or anywhere you specify if your C:\ is not that large and you want to save storage space on your OS Drive.

yes, within the nvidia overlay —> setting, you can determine where you want to save them yes

I would have the Picture down Button, the button to the right of the end button again like in the Beta to pause the Sim in the still image and everything continues (all moving things continued but the position of the aircraft remained fixed so that you could quickly take a screenshot from different angles function was really cool, i used it a lot.

If you bought the game on Steam up can press F12 to take a screenshot, after you have finished playing the game you can then upload them to the FS2020 Steam Community.

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I found the function called active pause. is activated with the pause / interrupt button on a German layout

Does anyone know how to get a proper screenshot wit Nvidia’s ALT+F1 when using HDR?

I assume your talking about Ansel? There is a HDR Toggle in the Ansel Settings, although I have to say when I enabled it I didn’t really notice any difference.

unless you have a HDR Monitor, you wont really see a difference.

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Using your second option, my shots are still overexposed although not as bad as when using only the PrtScr button.
Anyone know how to get a correctly exposed shot?

if you are a nVidia user, enable ShadowPlay and use the screen capture.

some examples of my Shadowplay captured screenshots, zero editing done to them.

I don’t anderstand why since many days all my ShadowPlay’s screens are “insipid”…
I’m using ALT+F1, but it doesn’ look like yours… and not like in the game…

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I have onedrive set up to save a screenshot just with the print screen key. Saves it to the one drive pictures/screenshot folder. Works anytime.