Navigating Our Categories

Overwhelmed by all the categories and wondering where to chat? Here is an overview of all our categories.

Please remember this is an English language forum, but feel free to used the multiplayer section to find friends and groups in your own language. Outside of that section, please use English only as we can only provide support in that language at this time.


  • News and Announcements: Check here for major announcements from the MSFS Team.
  • General Discussion & Feedback: This is the place for general MSFS-related discussion and feedback.
  • Community Fly-in Events: Create, join, or browse through community-made MSFS events here.


  • Forum Guide: New to navigating the forums? Find helpful guides here on how to make the most of your forum experience.
  • New Pilot Help and Guides: Find user-made wiki guides on on how to navigate the basics of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Advanced Pilot Help & Guides: More in-depth guides for advanced simmers can be found here.


  • Find a Friend: Looking to connect with new simmers? Come search and look for people you want to fly with here!
  • Clubs & Groups: Create and join your own flight group here! Anything from Bush flying clubs to ATC groups, the sky is the limit.
  • User Screenshot Gallery: Share your MSFS screenshots with everyone here!
  • World Discovery: Share and discover interesting flight paths, landmarks, and locations you find around the world!
  • Air Traffic Control: Post your online traffic reports, discuss live and multiplayer ATC encounters,


  • PC & Hardware: Discuss anything related to PC stats, graphic settings, FPS, CTDs, graphic cards, resolutions, and more.
  • Home Cockpit Builders: This category is provided as a place where sim enthusiasts interested in constructing anything from a simple cockpit replica in their home/office to a mega motion-based simulator in their garage can come together to discuss design concepts, construction principles, visual systems, sourcing components, and integrating hardware and software.
  • Peripherals: Feel free to discuss everything related to your peripheral setup here.
  • Wishlist: What features are at the top of your wish list? Feel free to post them here. An upvoting system will soon be introduced to avoid duplicates.


  • To discuss anything VR-related, plus a section exclusively for VR Wishlist items.


  • Please submit all bugs for triage to Zendesk. However, post your bug here if you want to share it with other simmers or search for workaround related to your issue. Pick the relevant sub-category for your bug. Check for duplicates by using the search functionality, and if you see it, vote on that post if you are having the same issue. If you new issue, fill out the topic template and pick a tag #pc or #xbox.



  • Product Announcements: Freeware and Payware announcement update from approved Trusted Forum 3rd Party Devs