How will msfs compete with xp12?

I think the correct title of this topic should be, how will xp12 compete with MSFS.

And thats coming from a XP simmer of many years countless hours and money spent.


Could there be a problem with your impressive, but presumably complex, set-up? I am running MSFS on a very average PC, no custom panels and an Ikea office chair and have only had three CTDs since launch, two of which were add-on related. For me, every time an update comes along, nothing goes wrong…


I agree, MSFS is the goliath in this equation.

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Just look at the bugs that will be fixed X-Plane 12 Early Access Is Here - X-Plane Developer

Don’t like the visuals in X-Plane 12, go "play MSFS2020 for VFR

Don’t like how IFR is half working, go practice in X-Plane.

I think I’ve already expanded on this in my previous reply. Anyways, engine simulation, ground physics, water physics, failure simulation, helicopter aerodynamics (which are extremely good in XP) and certain other aspects are far superior in XP12. I also like that you can assign beta range and reverse to turboprops and assign various control profiles to each of your airplanes in XP. If you land on water with the gear extended in a sea plane (those hybrid ones), it’s not going to end well. Also, on icy or snow covered runways, if you add power with the brakes applied, you will start slipping. Being a real life pilot, these are details I really love.

Of course, in the graphics department, MSFS wins hands down, but when it comes to the simulation, MSFS still has a long way to go to be able to compete with XP. Especially now with XP12 which introduced realistic water physics, more failures etc. Engine simulation (especially turboprops) still has major flaws. Same goes for prop drag, lack of beta range implementation and lack of the ability to assign beta range to your power lever (for turboprops). Water physics is also non-existent in MSFS.

Don’t get me wrong, MSFS is my primary sim and really shines in many areas, but it is still weak in many areas regarding the simulation (even though it’s been improved significantly over the last two years, especially aerodynamics).

Hopefully, Asobo will continue to work on the simulation aspects of MSFS, not only the graphics.


There’s, as of now, 1456 comments in that thread here, I’d say, no - it’s not a “me” problem :slight_smile:

Why is this still being discussed? Should we also debate PC vs Mac? Each has its strong points and weaknesses. Just enjoy whatever sim you choose to fly. I mean, isnt that the point of this hobby anyway? Fly more less talk. :v:


It’s already a real Flight Simulator and the most cutting edge tech sim you’ve ever experienced.
Two years to validate what exactly? Lemme guess…“a therious thimmers theory”? :rofl:


MSFS strong point is over 1000000+ in 2 years sold vs 40k sold of xp over 10 years. Xp is boutique software.


I hate to say it but, he should not be the face of the XP company. You can be in charge and lead from the back. It just feels like X Plane is just a start up company.


Some people at the .org are pretty angry about the XP 12 advertisements appearing in XP 11. I read this one comment from an XP 11 user, even calling the advertisement “spam”:

I just emailed support complaining about it. It’s Spam and I expected better from Laminar

I know on the World Map, MSFS will show paid add-ons for specific locations when you scroll around the World Map, but I think that can be turned off and even if you don’t turn it off, IMO, it’s not really that intrusive. But what Austin did to XP 11 users is very intrusive and very annoying, and I agree with that XP 11 user that Austin his spamming his own userbase.


MS/Asobo should look at this example, and put it in the “Things we shouldn’t emulate” column.


This thread is getting insane now. I think both sims are going in 2 different directions. Its all good. MSFS has knocked it out of the park and now continues to do so.

X-Plane 12 has too IMHO but in its own direction. I feel lucky to own both!

Took a flight yesterday in the Sling from 2NC0 with the add-on scenery in MSFS…Oh my god it was amazing.

Flew the updated Toliss A319 from LEIB-LECO in X-Plane and guess what Oh My God it was amazing in X-Planes own way, It would of been “oh my god” too in the Fenix/PMDG in MSFS, but it would of looked better scenery wise but not night lighting or Airport lighting or runway wise… It is pros and cons.

Posting up screen shots of X-planes Autogen, is really just stating the obvious, why dont we post up videos of X-planes icy runway handling vs MSF’s too and pick holes there.

The FACTS are X-Plane does a lot that MSFS does not do, NOT it can’t do it, but it does not at the moment, the biggest take away is X-Plane CAN NOT ever look like MSFS out of the box, without a lot of extra stuff and even then it still will not LOOK as good, and that is ok.


Good points there.

I took some photos from my commute in today, where we had overcast weather. I plan to simulate that in both sims to see how both approach that.

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XP devs are just a few guys working in their basement. Some of the “new” features of XP12 were in XP11, such as the rain on windshield effects and made by a third party dev. The XP dev’s work incredibly slow. It takes years to do anything. Example is the OpenGL to Vulkan graphics conversion. Took over 4 years and was very buggy (CTD’s etc). Also by now, the scenery and animation engine are all old and nasty. Got to the end of the road, a bit like FSX did. I don’t see them wanting to replace the engine though. That would be way too much work.


I just saw this meme from Reddit:


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That’s evil!!! Hahaha


Yes, I think this is pretty much ‘it’ in a nutshell.

Good comment.

I commute into Cambridge, and the nearest airport is EGSC, METAR below:

EGSC 150950Z 33007KT 9999 FEW025 SCT033 16/10 Q1012

I took the photo below as I was getting on the train to Cambridge, which is a about a 20 minute journey.

Cambridge looked identical to this. Tonight I was planning on configuring both sims the same way to see how they both interpret this.

I look forward to seeing your screenshots.

Oh and while you’re at it, I’d be interested in how you think both programs depict turbulence etc.

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