HP Reverb G2: Does anyone have a system that does NOT CrashToDesktop?

Since 2 months I have a G2 and MS2020 in VR keeps crashing frequently after a few minutes as described in many posts here. I have tried everything (USB, All drivers and Windows up to date, OpenXR updated, G2 Firmware updated, only latest C++ runtime installed, etc.).

I invested a lot of money in my new machine that is only dedicated to FS2020. I do nothing else on that machine. It has a fresh Win10 and a fresh FS2020 installed and NOTHING ELSE.

My Specs:
HP Reverb G2
Intel i9 10900k
AMD rx6800xt ( XFX Speedster Merc 319 AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT Black Gaming - 16GB)
64GB, DDR4-3200, DIMM 288 (checked on compatibility with Motherboard)
Mobo: MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi
Samsung 980 Pro
Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, Honeycomb Bravo Throttle, Thrustmaster Pedals, all connected via external active(powered) USB Hub.
FS2020 MS store version.

Does anyone have a system that runs without CrashToDesktops with HP Reverb G2 in VR?
If so:
What are your hardware specs?

Yes here. Have not had a CTD since release. i9 - 99k boosted, 2080ti.
80/90 ratio, 3 prerendered frames locked to 30 fps. clouds on ultra zipping in the f15 at mach speeds without a probem.

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10850K, 64GB, NVIDIA 2080ti, G2 here. No CTDs/no issues.

Same here. NO CTD since I own the Reverb G2.

  • Intel Core i9-9900k @ 8x 5.1 GHz
  • Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro RGB
  • ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 FE
  • 64 GB G.Skill 3200 CL14 (4x F4-3200C14-16GTZKW)
  • 1 TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe
  • 1 TB Kingston A2000 NVMe

I like to say yes. So far only very rare CTD when leaving VR mode to fast, no CTD during flights.

8600k@4.9Ghz/1.24V(delid/lm/360mm AIO), 2080ti@+/-2Ghz (240mm AIO), 32GB@3000Mhz, windows version, system and game on separate m.2, caches on 3rd m.2, rolling cache on and set to 32GB. Max temps 65deg celsius.

OXR/RR 100%, TAA, medium/high settings.

No reprojection.

Almost TBM930 or G58, 30fps somewhere nowhere, low 20fps in hd areas.

All latest updates.

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No CTD with G2 and two configurations (old and new rig):


  • Ryzen 5900x
  • MSI x570 Unify
  • HyperX Fury 32GB
  • MSI 3090 Gaming X Trio
  • 2xM.2 - 250GB+1TB (Samsung and WD)
  • Corsair HXi750


  • i7 6700
  • Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5
  • Corsair LPX 32GB
  • MSI 3090 Gaming X Trio
  • 2xM.2 - 250GB+1TB (Samsung and WD)
  • Corsair HXi750

Both running with Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle, Thrustmaster Pedals. With new rig addtionally 5m powered extenders for DP and USB.

No CTD here either.
I9 10900kf
Rtx 3090
Ssd, etc
Only slight over clock on the cpu, no oc on the GPU
And I shut down msi afterburner and don’t run any background monitoring software while using MSFS

Have you seen any posts on the GPU driver version you are running causing any problems? Some users seem to actually get better performance (at least with NVidia drivers) with slightly older driver versions and not the most current version.

I presume you have already read through the linked post below where towards the end a few AMD GPU users have tried a few things in WMR settings and in the AMD driver that seem to help (albeit it may not be the fix to the root cause but it has stopped their ctds or reduced them). And it looks like other AMD GPU users with similar hardware to yours have similar ctds in MSFS, but not other games in VR. Sorry to hear this and good luck. I have to believe it will get sorted out given the constant state of driver updates for all the software and hardware that needs to play nice with VR on this heavy sim. It’s frustrating as heck to deal with especially on such an expensive setup built just for this sim. I’m on my 2nd G2 and it’s finicky to keep running (cable is notorious for failing so I’m very gentle with it, I have to swap USB ports randomly to keep it recognized, and it goes to sleep too often but that setting has recently been improved in WMR)

No CTD’s and seeing around 45 fps in ultralights at country airstrips low to medium settings and locked at 22.5 up to 90 fps with motion reprojection & mostly high to ultra settings.

Reverb G2
NVIDIA 466.27 Texture filter quality - Performance, Power Management Mode - Maximum Performance, NO HAGS etc
MixedRealityPortal & DWM prohibited from CPU1 with Process Lasso
i9-10900KF @ 5 GHz
64.0 GB
RTX 3090

1TB SSD dedicated to MSFS & Aerofly FS2
2TB HDD for less frequently used like XP11 & DCS World

Yes, zero CTDs ever in MSFS 2020. G2 on a 2080Ti.

Wait, you’re not allowed to enjoy the F-15! At least not according to reddit.

(I have it and enjoy it as well)

I know motion projection locks at 22.5 but are you manually locking your frames at 22.5 to stop it jumping to 30 say. If so what do you use to do that. Thanks.

No I just used Developer settings Display FPS and adjusted a bunch of settings mostly upwards to ultra except ambient occlusion and a few others on high and a few like Bloom & Light Shafts off. It’s fairly simple though system wide profiles would be extremely helpful to switch motion repro on & off without having to adjust often very granular settings each time.

Mine is stable with the G2

32GB Ram
SSD 255GB for Windows
Toshiba 1TB for applications

You can say that again.

I use the NVidia control panel to lock frames at 20 as I use reprojection to 60 as I’ve set my g2 at 60hz. I’ve also used that method to lock to 30 when I was running the g2 at 90hz with reprojection. I tweak the graphics settings by looking at developer mode frametimes and watch for where it gets cpu bound in red and introduces studders, which always happens before gpu frames drop below the locked 20 given how heavy on cpu the sim is.

I thought you had to lock a little above the threshold to make motion smoothing work properly. Like in your case you would lock to 23 or 33 when you want to wmr to snap to 60or 90hz reprojection.

I also thought you shouldnt use the nvcpl to lock frames as it introduced issues.
You could drop to 15fps now in 60hz. Crank it up!

Also you cannot lock at half frames like 22.5. I don’t know if I lock at 25 if that will keep wmr from trying to hit 30 fps.

Anyway. I’m very happy with the sim now. Motion projection working pretty consistently these days. I’ve been flying so much more than usual!!

When I read through all the replies it looks pretty much like an AMD issue to me, or at least a combination of it, because everyone seems to have a NVIDIA card. I have a rx6900xt and I’m getting constant CDT’s during flight either, which makes me really sad :frowning_face:, because I love flying in VR so much. I hope this will be fixed soon!

Never CTD for me. I9 9900 K at 5Ghz, RTX 3090 with no overclock .32gb RAM. One of my most stable games! Very surprised to hear about CTD issues.

Occasional CTD once every couple of weeks or if I rush VR

WIN10 latest update
i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz
32g memory
RTX2060 Super
Reverb G2
Latest NVIDIA GPU Driver
I have Open XT Dev Tools but have not used any of the settings
Like sehnsedahamses Always G58 or G36 Frame rates are on average 30-40 fps 20’s in NY or London