HP Reverb G2 new firmware is out

It’s supposed to fix audio / black screen issues with the headset.



  • Resolves a potential issue where displays may flicker or go black when playing certain titles at high volume levels.
  1. Connect your HP Reverb G2 to your system.

2. Download the SoftPaq .EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.

3. Browse to the location of the extracted files on the system and run USB Audio FW Update Tool_PID4C15_v14(2021-03-08)_HP_VR_V2.exe.

Copyright © 2021 HP Development Company, L.P.



Hi MrFuzzy4528,

Thanks for this info!

For what it’s worth, I just downloaded and installed the firmware update - no problem with that. Did a test flight in WT CJ4 in same conditions as my last flight (also had YouTube playing music, OnAir running with MSFS). Yesterday I was seeing occasional ‘Black Screen Stutters’ in VR; 50min flight today, not a single occurrence.

Not long enough to be a comprehensive test … but so far, looks promising.


At last - many thanks - I have waited so long for this.

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I make an update today in the Microsoft store but I didn’t t do any of the step mentioned above, now I don’t if enough or if I have to do the process above…

Thanks for this info!. Recently my G2 was crapping out and the event log should it was due to the HP G2 driver. I searched HP for the VR drivers for the G2 and nothing. I called HP support and they agreed to replace the 6meter cable assembly, only problem was, there were no parts available for 3 weeks. I called and complained and the FedEx’d one over night. Will check you link out, Thanks!

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The update tool is showing “Same FW version” for me. My G2 arrived in January.
Anybody else seeing this?

cheers, Jörg

I also installed the new firmware but the black stutters still remain. I didn’t use the speakers on the G2, so in my case it has to be another root cause.

I’ve installed the firmware and it’s made no difference. However, before all this, I found that leaving my usb box connected to the mains - in other words not switched off, seemed to stop the blackouts.

Make sure your main cable is in no way coiled up. I had the excess cable in a nice coil on the ground next to my chair and it would cause random blackouts followed by static lines and sparkles. While annoying, laying the cable out in such a way it never crosses itself totally solved my issue.



The fix did not work for me and once I hit control tab to enable VR, the screen jumps back to the Mixed Reality Portal home screen and then to the screen where you see the diamonds but never back to the MSFS 2020. I still have X-Plane 11 also and it works fine so it could be an issue with MSFS 2020. Never had these issues prior to the latest update.

I was lulled into a false sense of security … first two flights after the update were absolutely flawless. Next two flights - black stuttering was back. Hmmm.

Never been terribly extensive for me and so doesn’t spoil the thrill of flying. But - yes - seems they’re still there.

I never had black screen issues before or after the new firmware, however I read that they are caused by insufficient USB port power. Try a different USB 3.0 port or buy a powered hub.

People on discord and Reddit are saying the bee firmware actually brought down the brightness of the headset. Can’t confirm that though.

No change in brightness for me.

Got the new driver and, no improvement…

No brightness change here.

Unrelated to the G2 firmware patch, with 461.92 drivers, sometimes the display is dark in VR, but it is also on the screen. Going back to 457.30 made this go away for me.

I recently purchased a power USB hub and still having issues with black screens and using MSFS in VR!

I did the update and got the 7-14 error when the update was completed, still getting drop outs also.

If you have an AMD system make sure you updated the AGESA to the latest version too.

Yes I plan to as only my top left hand side usb ports work with my headset on my computer. Dont think the update is out yet though.