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I have a feeling a lot of people criticising the flight model as too simple are probably basing it against their experience on other sims such as DCS. But this is an Airbus, not a cold war era gunship. An H145 regularly lands across from my window on a small strip of land so I can get to watch it and they are rock solid under the utmost control of the pilot.

I agree with those saying its one of the best aircraft on the sim. The quality of the modelling is absolute first class. The sound is good although I feel could be a bit louder, but again it’s it’s airbus not a Mi-24 Hind! In VR it is particularly spectacular to fly.

Best part of it for me is the options on what I can do with it. There are so many free helicopter mods like heli pads in the Alps, oil rigs in Alaska, yachts on the French Riviera and emergency response missions. Or just take a site seeing trip around somewhere nice or patrol with a Police or Doctor livery. So many options.

My advice to anyone thinking about it is try the free H135 first and if you like that then upgrade to the H145, that’s what I did and did not regret one bit.


I did just that last week. I downloaded and tried the 135 to see how I would like the Airbus helicopters. My first impression of the 135 was that the view out of the cockpit was extremely distorted looking to me, but flying it was enjoyable. I had to read the forum posts here to see that something is wrong with the views in the 135. I primarily downloaded it because I was tired of seeing hovering GA fixed winged aircraft in multiplayer online and in community events.

I really like the Hype Performance Group H145. I like it A LOT. I did not expect the H145 to impress me to the magnitude that it does. It has become my short range touring vehicle of choice. I have also gained an appreciation for Eurocopter/Airbus helicopters that I would otherwise never have explored, had it not been for the availability of the H145 early access addon.

I value the Hype H145 as much as I value the Corsair and Spitfire (my most treasured addons thusfar), and the H145 is still only a beta version.

The current 135 cockpit views seem to be issue at this time, and I almost didn’t purchase the H145 as a result. Fortunately for me, there was a lot of information on this forum and in YouTube reviews to base my decision on.

After a few days of using the Hype H145, I am still in shock over what the Hype H145 experience adds to MSFS.


Thx so much for all your experiences :slight_smile:

I already bought it now and so far i luv it flying around easy mode latest Dev Build Version.
The Heli looks so amazing in detail i agree. So beauty.

I haven’t played with my Hotas so far and with the time i had this weekend i used the XBOX Controller and i wonder if i will add the Hotas is it easy to hover around buildings like this here at 15:44 ?

And to slow down and land like being static in air and then drop down ?

With the Gamepad ( XBOX Controller ) this is impossible as i notice since:

  • Speed reduce is not working to land.
    You can reduce speed but the Heli will crash then falling down after some seconds alltime.

  • You cannot stand “InAir” to drop down to land.

  • Flying in a fixed height and hover around a building / surround it as seen in the video is also impossible with the gamepad.

If i use the Hotas will all this work from scratch without me having to setup tons of things ?

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As I mentioned earlier in this thread, Rotor Sim Pilot has some excellent tutorials on YouTube.

I have never tried flying with an Xbox controller, but a HOTAS should work without problems. When you want to slow down, you raise the nose with the cyclic and lower the collective at the same time to stay at a constant altitude.


Absolutely use your HOTAS, it will change your entire experience. Being able to map beep trims, AP, and some other advanced functions will have you flying like a pro. I personally own the X56 and it’s such a joy to use with the H145.

You are going to have to spend some minutes setting up keybinds, but it’s worth it. Create a new H145 control profile and make your changes there and you’ll have an amazing custom setup to use for those flights without interfering with your stock fixed wing settings.

PS - we’re having a group flight on our Discord server today.

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I use the Hotas One and haven’t had to change anything from my usual joystick config to fly it. Throttle is collective as default and stick is cyclic. Works great and a must have combo tbh. I don’t have pedals so use the stick twist instead for “rudder” pedal control. Works fine without pedals, but would be likely be more “true to life” with them.


We’re aiming for the H145M to be released by the end of this month! Here she is aboard the USS America LHA-6!

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Looking forward to this. My no 1 aircraft at the moment, so much fun and modelled to the highest quality. The military version will give an extra dimension to how I fly it, maybe a little more gung-ho than how I fly the luxury one!

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Happy Friday everybody!

The military variant of the HPG H145 will be released this weekend to all early access supporters!

Check out our latest update video and take a look at the first functional weapons system for an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator!


This is an amazing product. I have no words… And I’m not even that big of a chopper fan, too. (Well… I wasn’t that big of a fan…) And I’m not great at flying it. But I love it.

I would really appreciate a Hardware channel on your Discord. So much to learn about using different controllers and using the config tool.

So happy you brought this to the market. You guys are so responsive, it shows you really enjoy developing your addon. When Asobo fully supports helicopters it will really be impressive. I look forward to downloading the Military version up close and personal this weekend!

So excited to get in that Military variant!
Looks amazing!

HPG H145 Military Variant is now available for download!

DOWNLOAD NOW: https://bit.ly/HPGDownloads

UPDATED PAINTKIT: https://bit.ly/H145Paintkit

Enter your email address and you will be resent your download link. Once in the download center look under the title reading “H145 Aircraft Development Release (preview of next version)” and download the latest preview build available (currently 200).


  • Launch H145M (H145 Military variant) with new visual effects

  • Variant includes custom body with new details (SATCOM radio antenna etc.)

  • Functional FZ275 LGR rockets (unguided targeting only) (rocket pods optional in tablet). Rockets have a launch effect as well as impact explosion and subsequent fire and damage to the ground.

  • 3 soldiers visible when passenger doors open (configurable on tablet)

  • Front camera/sensor is on automatic sweep while flying

  • Camera display is currently inop (will get something, but no camera support in MSFS right now)

  • Countermeasures dispensers are currently inop

  • Add IFR glare shields

  • Fix IBF (engine filters) not clogging when flying very low over sand/dirt

  • Fix rockets not stopping when impacting the ground

  • Fix door soldiers not showing up when DOORS OFF selected

  • Add an H:Event for reloading rockets

  • Fix parking brake option not persisting

  • Fix H145M settings not persisting

  • Fix H145M altitude hold beep trim not working

  • Add L:Vars for warning unit


Well I know what I’m doing today… :slight_smile:

Fantastic work. It’s already an amazing addition to FS. Thank you. Will check out this new variant tonight.

Not seeing the doors options in this build. The options menu looks like below. Other menus look as described in the video. Is there something I’m doing wrong? -

Click where the time is

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Thank you for that. very not obvious. Next ? how do you launch a rocket? Non of my hotas switches work and there’s nothing obvious in the cockpit to arm/fire them. It’s not too clear from the video unfortunately.

EDIT: just looked at the ‘hidden’ menu and I see the “fire rocket” option.

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Would be great to be able to bind the fire rockets to a hotas. Maybe in a future update?

yes definitely needed. Not an officially supported function in FS though so maybe there are issues. Cool to have the option though. You can’t switch to external view quick enough without a key/hotas bind.