I can´t be the only one?

Its a shame you can see the downgraded clouds though, apart from that its a great shot

Had 2 amazing VR flights in the MB-339 and the F-15 and they were the smoothest I’ve ever had, so I’m more than happy with the update and hotfix…
Although i’m not dismissing others who have different opinions, just saying how it is my end now :beers:

The problem is if you’d rotate your camera, a lot of scenery wouldn’t be there at all, and quickly “pop-up” afterwards. They did not reduce the quality of the scenery that IS already displayed.
Also you have no clearly visible clouds in the screen to compare.

That’s a really interesting observation. Would be good to raise this as a Q and A topic. The good thing is that it should be easily answered as they will have access to detailed stats on this.

Truthfully - I’ve seen very little popup scenery. Some - yes - but not a whole lot. Downtown LA did to some extent (I think these areas with tall skylines are probably the most obvious). Interestingly, also saw a little over the countryside in Brazil where there wasn’t much to look at except rolling hills, but none of it was a really big deal for me at least. In the shot above, I was panning around the aircraft and saw no popup scenery whatsoever in this location.

Clouds on the other hand … that’s a whole other saga. The clouds are nothing like the way they were at launch, but that’s not a SU5 thing - it’s been continuously evolving since the start. You probably remember the angry threads because those were the only clouds we had back then. About SU3, they were ‘downgraded’ if you like, but we got more diversity and the appearance of stratus type cloud layers too. So we have less fidelity, but more variety now. I just hope Asobo can eventually figure out how to give us both. And some cirrus please!

SU5 was fantastic for me.

Alienware m5 r4
i7-10870H 2.2 GHz
RTX 3080 8 GB Laptop (150 W)
Nvidia Driver 471.41
Windows 10 21H1

This seems to be a tale of two updates. I am deeply sympathetic to the naysayers. I went from have 2+ CTDs PER DAY to having had only a single CTD since the release. I remember what the constant CTD was like.

It would be helpful for the SU5 “for” and “against” crowd to stop using hyperbole and to recognize that our experience, even when reinforced through a confirmation bias echo chamber of like-minded people, may not be others’ experience.

Some people are experiencing CTD CTD CTD CTD CTD. I’ve experienced only one.

It’s more helpful to provide explanatory information so that Asobo can do some root cause analysis and tease out why there are these two groups so that everyone can have a great experience in the future.


I just wanna be able to do a flight without CTD

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I feel that, I’m sorry that’s happening to you and hope it gets sorted soon. I had CTD for the first 18 days after release and had to reinstall Windows. It was awful, so I’ll always sympathize with being unable to fly.

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How can you when there is no error message. No logs or anything. The sim abruptly closes. Not even a BSOD!! A Microsoft software working inefficiently on a Microsoft platform. This is just like Forza horizon 4. Constant BSOD to this date. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think Microsoft should develop anything but their OS cause I don’t have any other software besides the aforementioned that are this unstable.

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Yep, this is exactly how I felt when I had this problem. They record seemingly nothing about the crash and made me go on a safari looking for nonexistent causes. They only knew what I told them. They never solved it, the idea to reinstall Windows was purely my own so I’ll never know what caused it either.

No you are not, I took similar steps and made sure to read the patch notes, have had no issues and the sim for me is more stable then it’s ever been with a nice 40% performance boost.

Hi! I have a GeForce RTX 3070, Intel I7 10750KF @5ghz 32GB @3400mhz RAM, Ultra Wide 27“ monitor QHD 2560 x 1440p.

All tests were made with the default A32N.

Before the update I was on High-end settings with 35-45 fps in Manhattan with live players.

After SU5, I’m on full ultra settings with Terrain LOD AND Objects LOD at 3 and fine grain film to 0 in UserCfg and all sliders to 200 in-game, 30-40 fps on the ground in KJFK and 40-50 fps over downtown Manhattan with live players on.
TrackIr becomes a little bit stuttery when you move your head fast at 30-35 fps but otherwise it’s smooth.

Everywhere else I push 50-60 fps.

FPS display in the SDK mode says Limited by Mainthread PC, my GPU usage is at 99% with Max 5gb of ram usage. In the Nvidia game overlay my cpu runs at 30-40%.

What made the biggest difference after SU5 to get the graphics back to almost where they were before the update was to change the terrain LOD and Objects LOD in the Usercfg and setting everything to Ultra in-game. I tried LOD 5 in usercfg but FPS were way too low, like 20-25 fps in KJFK.

I have a few CTD but never in flight, always when I push Fly and it’s only when I first start the game after booting the pc, if I keep the pc on all the time and run the game, close it and go back in, no CTDS.

As it would happen, we were not gaslighting. Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I think what it comes down to is some people having used lower settings in the past, I think it’s the only way some folks didn’t notice the degradation. I’m glad it’s all getting sorted now though!

In fairness, you’re starting AFTER a hotfix and you have no mods in community folder, so of course you’re going to have less CTDs than many of us who started day 1.

Yeah I have to agree here. Just to many problems. I want to see proof it’s looking and working great. Show some video and screenshots. Go to reported airports that have missing buildings. Show me the money.

So you are modding cfg files. Then stating that I don’t see what the problem is here?!? You should not have to mod anything to get the sim to look good. It’s like cheating in a shooter and complaining that everyone sucks. Why as a user should I have to mod a cfg to get better LOD’s? That should be built into the graphics settings.

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Bitter sweet to me. Yeah the FPS is much smoother but the negatives are driving me bonkers. CTD when zooming into an airport to select a departure. Yes, the altitude issue reported is frustrating also. FBW A320 is offline for now and the stock is garbage. AP is completely disfunctional. Weird cursor issue in the cockpit and won’t be there at times. Ran into a strange graphic issue in camera mode with the FS Livery. The wording will float around, decoupling from the wing. Odd.

Still, for a year now, have issues with Beechcraft 350i power turning off sometimes after 5min or so. And lately the left engine won’t fire up. Why?? IDK. I’m back to flying the C152 for now as I do every time we have an update then wait for Asobo to fix their update.

On a side note the FBW Dev version, which you can download from their website works great. Flew some 5 flights with it yesterday. Of course not as convenient to install as the one from the market place but not really difficult either. Just as a hint, in case you like to fly before the market place version is fixed.

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2 contributing factors as to why the perception that the game is broken for every single player are:

  1. People who don’t have issues with an update are not on the forums creating topics or commenting on anything because they’re out playing! So you can’t really know the real ratio of people with issues and people without issues. Even if there are thousands of players on this forum with issues, there are millions of players.

  2. Some people are not really honest about what they did with their sim. Doesn’t matter if it’s not completely emptying the community folder, have installed mods from shady sources, modified cfg files, etc.

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