I deleted MSFS2020 from my computer. I’m done

I’m just wondering if MSFS has been secretly reinstalled already by OP.

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It might look like that but it isn’t true, DX11 is simply not capable of using modern CPU’s properly.
With a hack job you can get at a maximum 8 logical cores working, but it has massive drawbacks.
The DX11 API is simply legacy tech at this point not made for games and simulators of this scale.


I don’t understand half these posts. I have a 9900K, 2080 Ti and a Reverb G2 and I have a fantastic experience in VR and desktop is almost max settings. Performance is butter smooth. I don’t fly airliners - is that the problem? I feel the more poeple spend on there GPU the higher the expectation goes up…

So the OP is going back to X-Plane. So here’s the thing - has the OP put her settings down to medium / low because X-Plane polygon rendering capability is inferior to MSFS so if you are struggling you just need to scale down appropriately and my bet would be it would still look better than X-Plane.


That’s true but I still feel if people can’t get reasonable / ok performance right now with decent hardware then they need to reset there expectation to how the sim looks not how far right they can move a slider…

Part of the problem also could be the RTX 3000 series itself which people have already spent a ton of money on, is under utilsed, overpriced and underperforming in MSFS.

At least we have the 465.89 Nvidia drivers which are the best yet for RTX 3000 series owners in MSFS - remember to set HAGS mode on although I can’t be sure what effect that has on other games.

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4K Ultra on a 3070

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Have you tried?

PSA: NVidia has found the root cause of stuttering and VR performance in their drivers! - #167 by CptLucky8

LOD problems - Trees, water - #976 by CptLucky8

TL;DR: nothing runs on 1 core only, the sim requires at least 3, which I suspect being 1 for the simulation, 1 for DX11, 1 for offloading work tasks. Any additional core is helping from time to time offloading assets management (loading files from disk etc…). It appears therefore the simulation is effectively running on a single core anyhow (mostly), the rest is peripheral.

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It’s not your hardware, it’s the sim. The performance tanked after the UK update. Not just framerates were affected but also fluidity. I have had the same experience you describe on 2 different PCs, a new 3070 build with a Ryzen 5600x and an older i5 with 1660ti.

Both ran smooth in VR before the UK update, right down to 18fps in VR was smooth and stutter free prior to that update.

It looks to me as though they are doing some major rebuilding of the sim and pushing it out with both the world updates and sim updates. They wouldn’t suddenly be asking for beta testers if the upcoming world update was just about locations and scenery.

While you’re here…
Is there any way I can force the Oculus process to a different core from the MSFS mainthread?

When I pause the sim mid flight the Oculus tracking and ASW suddenly has room to breathe, unpause and it’s as if MSFS is choking the Oculus processes to death.

Edit - or can I force the MS store version of the sim to use the steam compositor?

I’m not sure about Oculus. I’ve tried with SteamVR (this was the driver for my research with the cores - see links above) but this didn’t help in any way, but I might have not spent enough time trying either.

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DirectX11 was designed from the ground up to support multithreading.

Most people seems to fly GA in the middle of nowhere, and they’re happy with 20-30fps. Not much to render there, obviously it’s smooth. I also get butter smooth 60fps in those kind of areas. But add a 3d party tube liner above Atlanta, London, L.A. or whatever and they’ll say it stutters a bit, but they’re fine with it, it’s a smooth slideshow.
There seems to be a problem with the rtx30 series, but since these cards are so hard to find and since prices have become so prohibitive, obviously rtx30 owners are a “very small minority” as some wise dude said here. The fun part is there’s always some smart guy saying, “hey, my gtx970 is buttery smooth so it must be your internet connection or ram that is faulty, check this, check that”.


you’re absolutely right. sry, i over simplified things. it’s rather 1v1 versus all versus all cores.

Thanks kev. I will double check all that this evening. I promise I’m not a frame chaser but when I hop in the plane and look about and it’s horrible I know something is up so I enable the fps dispaly to confirm whats going on. More of a diagnostic tool for me than anything else.

Yes I mean motion reprojection. As I said I go back on forth with this on and off. As you said yourself you were never happy with the results…that’s where I was too but I’ve seen it work, I’ve experienced the smoothness when it works as intended, and its a high I’ve been chasing ever since haha.

You are always helpful! I’m eager to try your exact settings honestly and see how our experiences line up. They could be identical but we have different expectations. With that said I’ve played flight sim since 98 and always on horrible computers. Most of my gaming has been on the lowest graphics and fps. Flight sim has always stuttered throughout too so Im not expecting miracles.

I’ll crack this nut yet. Maybe I should give up on motion reprojection. It just seems too intensive for airliners on my computer.

I may also throw the new driver and hags on. Like I said I change too much at once and hate myself :shushing_face:

I’ll have a beer or two tonight. That usually helps smooth out the frame rate too :laughing::joy:

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From another Thread concerning “mainthread bottleneck” and DirectX 12.

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So this is the new foundation for our new sim? After all the comments (not here but on other forums over the past decade) about the shortcomings of FSX because it was built on legacy code and could never take advantage multi-core processors…this is how they purposely laid the groundwork for a new generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

In the immortal words of Harry Callahan… Marvelous

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I am surprised this thread reached (371)…now 372 due to my post…about someone deleting MSFS off their computer…did it go off on a tangent somewhere :man_facepalming: or have I missed something relevant.

Is there a vote to say Stay or Go…just confused
OP has made his choice and we should respect that

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Hmmm, lucky we can’t vote. This might hit the top of the bugs list and Asobo would then have to re-prioritise their efforts to make it easier for everyone to delete the software from their machine or maybe auto delete after too many CTD :smiley: . Bug fix voting… what a load of …

Those who dont learn from history are bound to repeat it. I think thats more fitting.

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Well what I am saying OP is not happy he has deleted MSFS from his PC thats his perogative, however there are 100s of threads about bugs…relevant bugs and specific bugs…my bug maybe not your bug and issues, it just goes on to be a witch hunt. Maybe I resolved my bugs to go to a relevent thread…:sweat_smile: now its 376

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Sorry, I was somewhat agreeing with you and taking a poke at the “voting system” whilst I was at it. However, I was also using the term “you” in a generic sense which you may have read as meaning … well… “you” :slight_smile: I edited my post to try and make it less ambiguous.

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