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Nice perspective and hey, seems like we don’t need helicopters at all LOL

  • Starts running from the angry helicopter mob
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No it shouldn’t and it isn’t intended to. But I don’t think they see people being happy with the sim as a sign to stop putting anymore effort in it :slight_smile:

Personally that would only motivate me to kick into a higher gear and to produce something even better.

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My first one too, I’m there in 1982!

@WardoMon52, well, put me on the list of those who want study level stuff, but not for everything ever built (as I can only remember how to fly so many planes), though I expect they’re going to take time, and I’m willing to pay big money (within reason) for big planes. Meaning a 747 with 98% fidelity to the real thing is going to cost more than a 182, even with the same fidelity level. Though I’d happily buy both, and spend well over $100 for the 747.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with flying however you like. Most of my flying is IFR point-A to point-B in anything from a 172 all the way up to the WT CJ4. And I’ll add airliners to the list when they arrive. I also have been known to fly in between buildings in Manhattan, or trying to fly about 6" above the CO river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Fly however you want.

But one thing I ask is that you be careful using multiplayer. (And not you personally, you anybody.)

For example, it’s just downright rude to spawn on a runway that someone might just be on short final to land on, and there’s far too many people who do it either without realizing what they’re doing, or without giving a hoot. I had one guy on this very board accuse me of thinking I was “better than him” for simply requesting that he not spawn on a runway if he was in multiplayer, because he didn’t have the time (or skills?) to start in a parking spot and go from there. Same thing for spawning at a place like JFK where people may be trying to do serious airline simming, and to fly all over the airport doing aerobatics.

That’s why I think there should be different “tiers” of multiplayer. On the one end you have “completely realistic”. You’ve gotta spawn at a gate or parking spot, with the engine off, and are expected to follow all FAA regs with your flying. On the other is “anything goes”. And you can have in-between tiers, too. And obviously single player is by it’s nature anything goes.

But other than multiplayer issues like I outlined, there’s no such thing as “doing it right”.

As far as censoring posts go, I don’t like that joe-blow users have the authority to do that (though it does at least take an absurdly small handful of complaints to make it happen), as it should be something only a moderator has the authority to do, but apparently the people who own and run this forum are happy with it as is.

But back to the OP’s point, I too am very satisfied with the sim as it exists. That doesn’t mean it’s done, or doesn’t need fixes, it does, but I have faith that they’re coming. And I’m ESPECIALLY loving VR. I’ll never sim-fly without it again. Even though it, too, still needs tweaks and fixes before it can be called “done”, if indeed it can ever get all the way there.


Last I heard (and that was probably a month and a half or two months ago), they had sold 2,000,000 copies of the sim so far. And I suspect that does NOT include those who were on the $1/month XBox games deal, whatever it’s called. And as silly as I personally think it is to use this app on an XBox, when it does come out on that platform, they’re going to sell an absolute boatload of licenses for it, and will continue to over time. Same with the PC version.

That’s going to create a lot of funds to pay for a lot of developers to continue working on this thing for a very, very long time, which is good for all of us.

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Please don’t forget to vote and support these!

Help solving arcade and simmers players sharing the airspace with the help of a simple nudge
Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you

and the SDK features to be able to integrate and use the Reality XP GTN and Reality XP GNS in these aircraft too!


There are 3 things we can do to prevent spawning on a runway in front of incoming traffic; turn off all live traffic, watch the in game map and wait for a break, or don’t fly. My choice is none of the above. I know that hitting another plane does no damage so a plane on the runway means nothing to me. It’s a game. On multi-flights we fly “through” each other all, the, time. It’s the nature of the beast. It would be no fun if we had to endure a five minute restart and a “slew chase” because we bumped wings. If there was plane-to-plane in-game collision, only hard-core simmers would play.

One of my best friends, and the only friend I’ve ever flown flight sims with, died almost 30 years ago. We flew subLogic on C64’s. I’ve spent years chasing ever more “realistic” flight simulation only to find the friendship and camaraderie of a group far outweighs whether a particular switch on the panel operates perfectly correctly. He would agree.


I may offer a different perspective. It is offering APPRECIATION for what the development team have created, and, appreciating what is available to enjoy right now. Worrying about sales numbers has nothing to do with how people who have purchased MSFS2020 feel about it - whether it was $1M or $100M in sales. we don’t judge OUR satisfaction of the product by its sales numbers. That’s for the finance people affiliated with the title.

Perhaps another point made was the paradigm shift in the experience as a user - Not having to spend endless hours tweaking the simulator platform to work on their P.C., getting scenery and a world that is amazing to explore out of the box. That experience is not something any other comparable platform has delivered until now.

Are there improvements to be made? Absolutely. And improvements are being made. It isn’t perfect, but regardless of the platform, MSFS2020, P3D, X-Plane, there’s nothing wrong with taking a step back and stating “yes, I appreciate and enjoy what I have”. Something for the “what’s next” insatiable crowd to consider once in a while.


I am also happy that I have see this before my dusty end. To me this game/sim is pure epiphany. And pure freedom.

I am still on my americas tour, now back from colombia to the central americas, and I have seen so much more of this countrys than I ever could imagine.

And, well, I see a lot of imperfections in every flight but only when i focus on them. With a very little generosity you can easy ignore them and have just fun (Ok, some like the poor Arecibo telescope should be fixed, at least in the sim :sweat_smile:).


I’m attempting to touch wheels to every country reasonably accessible in an XCub.

It’s been 2 1/2 months since I started. 52 countries, 59 legs, 107 hours, 11,724 miles. There’s a long road ahead. A long, beautiful road. I never thought I’d say this, but “Thanks, MicroSoft”.


Nice, I would like to do something similar, maybe in a faster plane though because I’m a bit limited in time. The Aermacchi will probably do as it is both fast, has enough range and the view from the plane is good enough for sight seeing. Still haven’t decided the full route I want to take, but I’ll probably go from The Netherlands to the UK, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, hop over to Canada and do a tour of the United States. That will keep me busy for a while :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for the UK update to land though, as this is a great opportunity to check it out.

I’d completely forgotten that - thanks for reminding me to add it to my list of must see places in FS2020.

Water crossings are the worst. I’m in the middle of the US. My original plan was to go west, then up across the Bering Straight. After seeing what the prevailing winds are like at northern latitudes, I planned my trip going east. I also started out flying +3 hour legs, but have cut it back to 2 hours. It’s easier to find time. I’m going shorter distances, more often.

Give a wing waggle as you fly over Minnesota.

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That is actually a fair point and I admit that I had not considered that angle all that much. VFR minded people kind of drew the short straw for many years. Granted, that may have been a technology problem, but VFR is pretty sweet with the new terrain system and I am happy for those people. I also like to fly VFR, but Northern Central Europe is my gig and weather is often IMC right now. So no VFR for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

But they clearly show that they want that to happen, that’s why they put all those airliners in. There’s also plenty of highly detailed large airports with working jet ways, push back trucks and even marshallers.

There are not many airliners in the sim. But I am more of a quality over quantity guy anyway. I would have preferred just 1-2 airliners with more depth. I am still not fully convinced, but I guess we need to be patient.

This could be, but I’m fairly certain these things will also be improved upon somewhere down the line. And there’s nothing wrong with being vocal about that, did you make wish list items about the things you want to be better? Or did you upvote existing ones? Because that’s the best way to get things noticed by the team.

I did and still do. Have been here since launch and around 150 hours logged, despite my griping, hehe.

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Visiting every country is an ambitious project in an Xcub.

Note that the Bush League freeware Xcub performance mod has an option by editing the config to enable the auxiliary fuel tank.

NOTE: If you wish to add the long range AUX tank, simply open the flight_model.cfg file. Search for LeftAux. You will see the code required to activate the AUX tank. once changed simply save the file and you’re good to go.


Go for VATSIM. It is rather frightening at first, but there are lots of good video and other tutorials. If you do, enroll in Navigraph as well. It is essential for taxiing and dealing with ATC directed arrivals and departures that you did expect when planning your flights.

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Will do! Yeah I’m not looking forward to the water crossings, but in order for me to reach the states they are pretty mandatory :slight_smile:

I found them in early October and now fly with them twice a week. I’m well-versed in the ways of the XCub. Have you been on any of our flights? You’re certainly welcome to come along.

Hawaii yes.

Mainland US you could theoretically reach via the Bering Straight from Siberia, just 52 miles. Some 8,000 lend Lease aircraft were delivered to the Soviet Union during WWII that way.

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I am on the fence I too have flown since the 1st simulator on an old TRS80 all wire frame gfx lol I love my xplane for the level of detail in it still just seems smoother, I don’t mean frame rates I mean the aircraft seem more fluid and more like they are floating…This sim is getting there the gfx are better out of the box Yes for sure. For me the flight dynamics is the sticking point. Things that should have been in there and level of detail that msfs promised is all looking like payware and that ticks me off,The hand built airports have many mistakes and if done right we should not need more payware to put it where it was promised to begin with. even FSX has carrier ops built in and bombs (ie I used to simulate for fire fighting) I think it will get there it took a long time for fs04 and fsx to get to par. the big thing was also seasons. I imagine because of the map data its harder to render real time seasons but I loved fall flying ,I am hoping eventually the bugs get worked out and it becomes better. My 2 cents

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