I had an awesome week with MSFS - the first one since launch!

I finally tamed my crashing (CTDs) with a bios profile just for flight which involves not using DCOP (XML) for ram but going AUTO - yes it’s annoying I had to do this but 8 days crash free!

@MrTommymxr, @jonasbeaver and the crew have created a DA62 mod that is by far the most realistic flight model I have flown out of any of the planes. That together with the working title G1000 mod has increased my enjoyment exponentially!

[https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages/releases/download/g1000-v0.3.1/workingtitle-g1000-v0.3.1.zip ]

I can now transport myself anywhere in the world at fixed height, speed and direction without crashing the PC with the awesome addon Flightshare

I now have a Little Navmap flight follow window embedded in the dropdown MSFS toolbar menu inflight. GitHub - bymaximus/msfs2020-toolbar-little-nav-map: Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 Toolbar LittleNavMap window

I can now turn on and off the HUD in external view thanks to more genius from @mixMugz.

I can now create external views from the cockpit and save and load them thanks to @RexShockVIPER
Discussion [HOW-TO] Cockpit camera outside the cockpit

I improved my inflight stutters with Process Lasso thanks to a comprehensive post from @BilingualHarp7

Absolutely awesome guys - thanks very much and please please please continue to improve MSFS with your passion - it is really appreciated!!


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Try using DOCP and downclocking one step. For example, 3200 to 3000 MHz

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So removing an overclock fixed crashes. It’s often one of the questions I ask first when someone reports these issues.

DCOP/XML should be using rated settings and therefore not technically an overclock - but these days with Ryzen chips and 570 motherboards, Precision Boost Overdrive etc even a standard setup is in fact an overclock and on top of that many Graphics Cards are overclocked as standard. In essence it is very difficult to ascertain where factory standard settings and overclocking begin and end. Just saying :slight_smile: