Discussion [HOW-TO] Cockpit camera outside the cockpit

This is about the positioning of the cockpit camera not in the cockpit, but outside. :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you have any questions or problems with the HOW-TO, I’ll try to help you.
[HOW-TO] Cockpit camera outside the cockpit


What is different from this and just using the drone camera?
You can have controls in droneview if you press C (toggle controls on/off).

I have to test the drone.
The one in the HOW-TO is bolted to the plane (no vibrations, really). :wink:
You can look around like in the plane, same key assignment.
Track-IR users must love it.

PS: try it, just edit one file, I’ll help if it doesn’t work.
Together we can go further.

Wow !! Sounds Brilliant!! Thanks a lot for sharing ! will try tonight…
I have some questions:
What if we already have the cockpit views saved (from 0 until 9) ? will we loose these ones ?
Also, do you think it’s possible to have more cockpit saved views binded to keyboard keys ?

I will try and let you know… Thanks again ! :+1:t2:

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Make a backup in any case!

To test you will have to sacrifice at least one camera position.
Nothing is lost, 1. Backup 2. Edit CAMERAS.CFG (InitialXyz = 0.077562, 0.218672, -1.081527)
PS: if you have saved 10 positions you will find in the CAMERAS.CFG from [CAMERADEFINITION.0] to [CAMERADEFINITION.9], edit for example the last one, you can undo.

Whether we can have more than 10 is a good question.
Edit: only keys 0-9 work, no letters, no num numbers
Title = “1” 1 is the key, that loads with Alt + 1

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Thanks for the details !
I don’t manage to make it working…
Tried also with a “new” plane without CFG file…
Tried also with x y and z numbers -10, -100…
i dont know…

The HOW-TO says -5, use that, bro. :wink:
Send me the file via PM.

This is really good. Someone was looking for a view that was essentially the external view, without the flight instruments and without the plane. I did it using the drone camera positioned just ahead of the plane, loking straight forward and then used the “C” toggle to control the plane. Presumably you could use your method here to move the camera in front of the plane - so bolted out in front really?

I have track IR and you can look around with the drone camera and external cameras as well. It’s great

Short demonstration.
I apologize for youtube’s awful codec.


Very Glad I found this thread! Is it possible to repurpose one of the external cameras with airspeed, altitude etc indicators in the corners?

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To be honest, I haven’t tried it, and I think it won’t work, that’s cockpit camera.

Appreciate the reply. I’ll give your guide a go!

Thank you ! This is exactly what I was looking for the landing.

I can’t find the folder Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe in AppData\Local\Packages

I discovered this accidentally upon changing aircraft using DEV MODE (it messes saved cockpit cam preset positions for some reason) then I could create new custom presets outside cockpit walls.

1.Does anyone know how to prevent DEV MODE messing presets?
2.Why did MSFS forum gave me a random nickname that I didn’t pick since I already have one, any way to change it?
Thank you.

I also had trouble finding the aircraft folder. The path on my computer is not the same as the path on VIPER’s machine. I was able to find my way to the aircraft folder by going to
and from that folder searching for “Asobo_TBM930” (or whichever craft you made the custom camera for)
Hope this helps!

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You are a genius!!! Absolutely love this tweak as I really wanted to do views that previously I had in Chaseplane in P3D. This is right off the nose of my DA62 just outside Florence Italy. Frame rates in this view +10. People in these forums are just awesome! Cheers.

Yeah that’s got to be a major upside - increased FPS. Now we just need to figure out how to put the HUD from other camera views onto this one,

Yes you can change it one time only - its in Xbox login. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/help/account-profile/profile/change-xbox-live-gamertag

I mean my forum TAG not gamertag, though I picked a different username/tag when signing up, it allocated me a random one