[UIMOD] I want to introduce my mods to you

Hello everyone! There is my small mod/improvements of the GAME. Let me tell you about them.

UPDATED: 27.12.2020:

  • SimUpdate 2 compatible.
  • Integrated msfs-toolbar-nohandle mod to hiddenui
  • Added animation to details text in nameplates
  • Added lots devices in addcontrol
  • Some reworks

UPDATED: 14.11.2020:

  • Added two new mods. [uimod]-mugz-hiddenui and [uimod]-mugz-worldmap. Completely rework toggling functional.

WARNING! If you have installed any of my mod downloaded before 14 Nov 2020, please remove it. This version is not compatible with old mods and may lead to problems.

  1. [uimod]-mugz-addcontrols - This mod does not make any significant changes to the gameplay. All it does is add pictures of unknown devices to the Controls. In addition, I showed how to change the keyboard and mouse image to your current device (for example, I use devices from Logitech). I also added a picture for trackir devices (the opentrack works also) and added VPC devices from the VIRPIL company. In general, we can collect all the missing devices within the mod. All I need is a PID device and its high-quality image on a transparent background with a resolution of 1200 x 1200.
    image image image image image image

  2. [uimod]-mugz-hidentooltip - The game already has the ability to enable / disable cockpit tooltip. This mod allows you to hide enabled tooltips and show only when you hover over an element with the ALT key pressed. Well, in addition, I reduced the size of the tooltips and added transparency for the black background.

  3. [uimod]-mugz-hiddenui - This CORE mod add ability to toggle in game UI ellement (such POI/Waypoints/Gates/HUD/Nameplates, if they are enabled) on the fly by pressing one button. By default it’s BackSpace (changed from F12/NumLock) key. For correct operation, you must install my other mod for every desired UI element.

  4. [uimod]-mugz-tinyhud - This mod adds ability to toggle InGameHud on the fly. (Required: [uimod]-mugz-hiddenui)

  5. [uimod]-mugz-tinyplates - Restylish traffic nameplates with ability to turn on/off on the fly. (Required: [uimod]-mugz-hiddenui)

  6. [uimod]-mugz-tinypoi - This smaller style for POI/Airport with ability to turn on/off on the fly. Smaller size, No Background. (Required: [uimod]-mugz-hiddenui)
    Knowing issue: When you hide the interface, white lines remain under the POI. They will disappear after a few seconds (from 1 to 10). I have no idea (and not found) which particular element is responsible for them, so I cannot operate with them. If you find it, let me know.

  7. [uimod]-mugz-worldmap - This small style correction for WorldMap POI/City/Airport names. Added separator for UI scale less 80%, changed smaller font size for city names and corrected line spaces.

All mods are available in: UI mods and tweaks (full pack) • Flight Simulator 2020
Or directly from: GitHub - mixMugz/msfs2020-uimod: Little UImod for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 page.

Have a nice flight!!!


Cool, just a bit of feedback: The default screenshot button for Steam is F12.


Ooops. I have MSStore version. Not steam. Anyway you can change it in IGM_AirTraffic.js

constructor() {
    this.m_dataItems = [];
    this.KeyUpHandler = (event) => {
        if (event.keyCode == 123) {
            this.style.display = 'none';
        if (event.keyCode == 122) {
            this.style.display = '';

Change in if (event.keyCode == 123) 123 to 121 it’s rebind F12 to F10 or you can change keycode to you by page: https://keycode.info/


Interesting. I wonder how many other bugs are due to spelling mistakes?

I love the ideas. Very simple but very effective. I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

If you are looking for more ideas, you can also maybe add a toggle on/off for points of interest (POI). Currently you have to go to the Assistance settings and turn those on/off manually, but sometimes all you want is to identify a POI (turn it on quickly), and then turn it off again.


If you get 100 likes - i do this =)

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Dude, you are a F*(&ing legend. I have needed this from day 1. Excellent work. You should be working for ASOBO. Thanks a million. Hope you keep creating mods like this.

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Thanks bro. I just do what i need by myself =) If Asobo hired me it would be great. I have a huge ideas how to create this GAME perfect!


Oh man don’t stop. I wish I had the time and knowledge to do it too. I also have heaps of ideas.

Any chance you may be working on view system like FSX/P3d? I am a developer for that sim and would love an older style view system.

I dont have P3d/FSX and i dont know what you talking about. Sorry

oh ok, I was talking about a locked spot view which is an external view which stays stationary while the aircraft turns, not the drone camera which is ■■■■. we used to use the tag FixedChaseLocked but it seems to not have any effect anymore. Also a tower view which would be very nice. But thanks for your work so far anyway, it is spectacular.


Your mod “tinyplates” basically works but I can only see the nicknames, not the aircraft model the players are using and the height they are flying.
There is one exception : If they are using the same airplane than mine then I can see their aircraft model and height too.

It is not like the first image in your OP… :frowning:

I should add that I have the same problem without your mod since 1 week.
Maybe you have an idea how or where I can fix this?

This is not my mod problem. My mod is changed only styles and views for nameplates. May be you have different mod in your Community folder with turned off data.

As i wrote earler - there is problem in game what some planes not showing any data. I was researched this, but did’t find any way to fix this.

I had a problem with my internet connection and the game wrote something like “The game can not download your user profile settings” and then all graphic settings were set to default and I had to adjust them all over again.
After the internet came back all works perfectly again, the game also shows my profile name correctly.
But since then I have this plate problem.

This is also be problem with a plate because it’s online functionality. No internet - no data in nameplates.


Loving the mods, use them all the time now.

Suggestion if I may. Can you get rid of the Press any key to start, and when I want to quit I just want to quit, not go through seveal key press to quit. Hope thats possible. rgds. Ian.

ALT+F4 when you just want to quit sim from wherever you are

For Press any key i not find any solution yet. For fast quit just Alt+F4