I really dont understand the complains. Please give them time and have some faith

It’s not about the visual impressions, but about the aeronautical ones. Visual always depends on the respective hardware and not least on the settings. I would have to make 100 videos.
I also scaled the video down a lot so that I could upload it to Youtube in a reasonable time.

It would also make no sense to fly a scenic flight with FL330.

yup my old fsx scenery looks about the same.


Rome was built by people who knew what they were doing, they don’t even know where they have their right hand

That would be very nice, unfortunately whenever a point of stability is reached then we see demands all over the forums from those who want something else. Programming something as complex as FS is not simple, mistakes/bugs will occur. That is the nature of software development so maybe a little patience is required unless everyone is happy with a stagnant product.

All - Many have mentioned visual enhancements. My question is “are you flying low all the time”? Then your visual impressions are great. I however, unles practising approach/plane handling/takeoff, fly high. So my visual impressions are not anything I get overly concerned about. I am more concerned with how stable and how well the aircraft I fly perform in relationship to the “systems they need to operate safely” and in accordance with established aircraft operating principles. That means, is ATC working, is the Navigation systems (in game) working correctly, are/is spoken word done correctly, does ATC direct me correctly. Do I setup my flight in World Map and it translates into FMC, without me having a ton of work aside from setting up WM? FSX, I can and do setup up complete flight up to thousands of miles, and the navigation and plane works fine. That game is 20 years old, yes, long time to improve. Yes, like everyone here, want it now, realize now aint gonna work. And adnauism, please Asobo/MS, get the systems/planes working before you update scenery because it’s a real bummer, to plan long High Altitude Flight and have it not follow procedures, ATC change directions for no reason or the miriad of other issues we have experienced since release. I also hate distribution model i.e., “have to download whole thing” as I have slow internet, 20+ hours to reinstall the whole thing this last mess. At least please make a provision to create a DVD install Set in game, that way at least I can back up the thing for reinstall later, yes, it would have to update to latest version, but base files would be installed already. I have beat the horse to death now.

Bingo. Exactly. Almost 12 months to the day.

All these people flying GA’s exclusively don’t give a single flying ~~~~ cuz they fly at 2000ft , it’s us people flying jets / airliners that are screwed the most.

you have NEVER flown the A320NX! I know two real-life pilots who stream and fly with them and are enthusiastic, even if a lot is still missing, you can work well with them!


Did you update EVERYTHING?

  • Windows updates
  • Optional Hardware updates
  • Graphics Card Update
    I’d even make sure any X-Box app stuff in the store is updated.

Did you remove/uninstall previous graphics driver?
Did you check Device manager for any hardware issues?
Did you reinstall Windows? Were there any specific Motherboard Drivers that came with your build that needed to be installed?

Whenever there is a MSFS update, I update everything.

Aside: I remember some years back, there was only one or two professional flight training packages that offered the WHOLE WORLD. I also remember it was around $4,000 dollars.

MSFS is light years beyond what those were offering at the time.

The Xbox consoles can run the sim in better quality than most PCs can, so it’s only the high-end PC users who might have been affected by any graphical compromises. Gameplay bugs are more important as they affect everyone. I agree with the OP, the whining doesn’t help. We all need to be patient for the developers to start fixing things. Honestly, I thought the simming community was more mature than this.

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Actually me and a lot of other people experienced a performance loss. I’m talking 5-10fps difference from SU4. Not to mention it introduced even more stutters and lag spikes. I have done clean reinstalls, changed settings, nothing works. I uninstalled the other day because I simply couldn’t enjoy the experience.

Mate, I completely agree with what your saying.
I’m fed up of it myself, they update it and something else breaks.
Why cant they just leave things alone.

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Well that’s unfortunate. Despite the amount of time I spend reading this forum, this is the first I see of anyone having decreased performance from SU5. Most people at worse seem to get just a few fps more (my situation), but overall smoother experience while at best seem to double frame rate. Not sure what could be causing this for you.

No, they haven’t been radio silent since launch, they’ve been making regular videos about various things, including bugs. I’m expecting they’ll be making another video soon that includes some discussion about the graphics and bugs.

Digital Foundry also recently released a video with an interview with the technical director Lionel Fuentes discussing some of the technical challenges with this patch.

I disagree. It’s actually a good simulator as well.

The PC version does needs some tweaks, but they did achieve their goals of reducing memory footprint and increasing framerate, which should benefit especially users of lower end systems. No, it’s not just about the Xbox.

I think there’s a lot of exaggerations about how much worse the game looks. It still looks great on my system. The LOD does need some adjustment, but that shouldn’t be too hard to fix in a future patch.

Have you been able to realistically snap roll any aircraft in FS2020?

Also, prop drag and inertia don’t appear to be simulated at all.

Wow that’s an advanced takeoff preparation you show us :shushing_face: and quick… you use some kind of checklist for that ?