ICAO - EU - UK ATC Phraseology Mod V3.0

Or even blank the word ‘generic’ out of the AI traffic!

I’ll check that out as well.

So far IFR also seems to be fixed:

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Do these still exist? Haven’t had those in, like, ages.

Let me know should there be problems, I hope the instructions are clear enough for everyone!


Hmm, bummer, I can’t find “Generic” in that file, seems like its coming from somewhere else…

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Oh well, thanks for looking.
Really enjoying the changes the mod makes :+1:t2:

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I’m fixing some things I’ve found making some flights now to see if its fixed and then I’ll think I will release it.

I’ve fixed some more bugs, released a new version.


Very cool :ok_hand::+1::+1::+1:

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Could you make it work? Installing it is kind of a pain in the behind at the moment…

This is just fantastic!
Please upload it to flightsim.to, it needs all the visibilty it can get.
Installation could get a bit daunting for some but even myself was able to get it to work :upside_down_face:
Thanks a lot


Yes, the installation definitely needs improvement. Especially because it needs to be re-done after every patch / update! Thanks a lot! It took quite a lot of time and work…

Works great, minor point is the fact that ATIS is talking about altitude instead of clouds

Jup, its the price we pay for having the phrase “altitude” included for climb / descent to an altitude. Everything above 1000 ft it includes the word altitude, also for clouds. The ATC system does not give much option unfortunately.

It still does include few, sct, bkn, ovc right?

Upon calling clearance delivery. I cant hear my pilots voice just the clearance delivery. And when in start of vectors, it doesnt say expect vectors etc. Just descend.

Thank you

I downloaded the ATC Phraseology Mod V1.1.ZIP.pln file but there is no installer or file has left a text file and a pdf

Jep you have to follow the readme.

I will try to send the screenshot if i can fire up the sim later. The mod is installed as i can see the changes, is just when i get clearance from ground for IFR that my pilot is not speaking “request ifr clearance to bla bla”
And for the approach descent, its the time when the controller speaks regarding the arrival airport. There is none rather just a descend command

Found the bug, it will only affect IFR flight to / from aerodromes without ATIS. It will be fixed in the next version, thanks!

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Great work on this! Now I think this really needs to go as a Mod into the Community folder so no manual editing is needed. Thanks for your work.

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