IF you are using a 1080p or a 1440p monitor, USE DLDSR with DLSS instead of native+TAA or Native+DLSS

Watch this video in entirety.

DLDSR improves quality while allowing a comparable performance.

In 1080p, DLSS renders at 720p in quality mode. while its fine for world visuals, its garbage for screens in the planes. it looks muddy and almost unreadable.

My recommendation, Turn on DLDSR in Nvidia control panel. Use 2.25x and 50 smoothness.

Then go in sim, turn on either 1620p [for 1080p users] or higher for for 1440p.

Now use DLSS Quality. NOW, instead of 720p as render resolution, it will use at least 1080p.

This one change makes a LOT of difference. It improves the Visual Quality outright while giving a similar performance to native + TAA resolution.

Again, watch the entire video and then use DLDSR.

PS: Turn the AMD Sharpness Slider to 200.


Thanks for this mate. I tried it with 3440x1440 and it works great!

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I can confirm this for us 1080P guys, I am getting massively better performance and a really sharp image! If I drop my LOD to 200 it’s even better but why not push!

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Not at the computer now but… Is this improving the blurry glass Cockpits we normally get with DLSS?

when you say much better performance what do you mean? it would have been good to see a before and after screenshots

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many thanks, BaidDSB

Just came on the site to ask how to achieve the very same screen quality.


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Yes, I can even go down to balanced

I have 20 fps at Aerosoft EDDM with TAA and 50 FPS with this solution


For 1440p which resolution would be the best one for a balanced quality/performance? in game

Set DSR to 2,25 and select the highest available resolution in the sim.

Did this and dropped around 10 FPS

Keen to find the best settings for 1440 ultrawide monitor would we still use/need super sampling in msfs with this?

Anybody already has experience with this solution and 32:9 monitors?
Running my FS-2020 on a resolution of 3840 x 1080.

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Thanks everyone. Im glad to help.

@AlexLegend165 well if you saw the video, it showed with this method and DLSS Quality there will be a slight drop in FPS but its still similar in performance.

Go to balanced and you will get either same or better FPS

Working nicely - I’d tried a similar combination (2.25x and 33% smoothing) previously but never really tweaked the resolution enough in-game, or had the option for DLSS.

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use 50% instead

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Should work the same. its a multiplier, not resolution limited

@BenMapp Your DLSS Render quality should already be at 1080p. but maybe you can try 1,75x instead of 2.25 since you have 1440p already

Thanks again for the info BaidDSB, works well on my machine

Here’s my DLSS mileage on a Wide Screen MSI Optix MAG341CQ 3440 x 1440 monitor

I tried the DLSS on the Quality setting / and AMD fidelity fx sharpening on 200
and without any other alterations to settings.

I got at least a 20% increase in Framerate.
40 fps increased to 50-55 fps in the air in the FBW 320
20 fps increased to 29-30 fps at KLAX airport in the FBW 320

Not only is it a good increase but the smoothness of the video is vastly improved, as you can see
on the ground at KLAX my FPS is low, but it plays smooth which is all you want.
The " Glass Screens " look very poor considering all other parts of the Aircraft / Scenery / Clouds all look fine.

So I tried using the Nvidia settings, Factor 2.5 and Smoothness 50%.
This improved the " Glass Screens " to around 90% of the original sharpness and looked usable.

Then the last change I made was the Screen Resolution, from the Native setting of 3440 x1440 to the highest setting of 5160 x 2160.
( I never used this resolution ( 5160 x 2160 ) as it was a step too far for my PC system )

This basically brought the quality back and I would say it is indistinguishable from the TAA setting, and with the higher resolution, EVERYTHING else is superb! The buttons switches etc, are all very much improved.

The only downside
The higher resolution comes with a cost, I would say it halved the new Framerate increase, but what the heck, because it’s so smooth it doesn’t matter.

Microsoft Flight Sim Premium Deluxe, PC Store version.
Window 10 pro 64 - DX 11
Thrustmaster Airbus SideStick & 4 Lever Quadrant
Ryzen 7 3700X
Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (DDR4-3200)
Gigabyte 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe
Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE
MSI Optix MAG341CQ 3440 x 1440

Few Pictures of settings etc

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well im happy my guide helped.

also, why are you capping max frame rate in the control panel?

That’s a really old setting, it was even lower than that to try and counter fluctuations in the game, I think it was also an attempt to stop my PC from going into meltdown on the homepage of MSFS at one time.

My setup never allows me to venture into those lofty frame rates.

Now that I think of it, the 78fps setting was from World of Warships, it was the Max the game used at one time but it has changed, and it was also an attempt to stop my PC going flat out on a homepage!