Im done with this sim on XBOX

I started on the XsX. But shortly after SU9 I started getting so many CTD that I downloaded it onto my PC. I wouldn’t go back to Xbox now. Not that Xbox is “worse” than PC, but quite simply because I have purchased yoke and throttle that doesn’t work on XsX, as well as owning some dlc that is PC only.

The whole “game vs. simulator” debate is a waste of time. A consumer PC or console product is a video game, regardless of customization or “study level” aircraft in the product. If you prefer PC over Xbox due to the customization or type of aircraft available, have at it.


Imagine playing on Xbox and not having acces to great aircraft such as the Fenix.

I’d miss the milviz porter. That plane is beautiful.

I joined the forums for this exact reason, it has been too long since i have had a proper stable flight. I get frustrated every single day because the only planes I can fly are the GA planes. I just want to have fun and play the ■■■■ sim but I can’t.

Just lost all default and assigned control settings on my Thrustmaster after update. Total BS. Xbox X games should/are better than that!


Uninstall and reinstall the game.
All controls will come back as was before.
XBOX Series X

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Thankfully, I did not and have never lost my thrustmaster settings.
But what are you saying here, to get the settings back, one has to uninstall and completely re-install the game ? 130 - 160 GB of data ?? Really ??

I did that, and it worked for my gamepad controls, but it’s still not recognizing my keyboard for in-game controls, even though it works in the search bar.

It was a full uninstall and reinstall.
I did it after work yesterday and it didn’t take more than 2 hours.
I am not sure if some data was retained, but it wasn’t that bad.
That was on an internet connection of 250MG.

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I’m with you John that’s just how I enjoy it at times too. Few beers and from a comfortable sofa on a huge screen.

If it wasn’t for the black avionics screens then I’d be doing the jet liners that way. Lol

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To all xbox Controller users. I wonder if someone had try to tweak the settings on the Xbox Controller. The issue i have is to controll the rudder with default bindings, RT and LT buttons.
Has someone put the rudder axis on the right Analogstick on the Controller. If so plz tell how is the difference, i can imagine it is much better special during crosswind landings/takeoff.

I will try also this configuration If i have time and report here

Yeah… Imagine that…

I’m using the stock aircraft on Xbox along with the fulcrum and falcon… Loving every bit :grin::rofl:

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Thats a fairly condescending post there :frowning:

I’ve been on X-Box for 10 months 99% of my time is flight sim, I hardly ever use external view and have studied to learn hhow to navigate and to some extent fly properly. I’m only just now looking at moving to PC simply because i have reached the limits of what XBox can give me in terms of what I want from it.


This condescending metaphor is funny, because like real-world tourist towns, your PC experience wouldn’t even be happening without those Xbox users.


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As I said earlier in the thread…

As far as the “Xbox doesn’t work” complaint, everything seems to be just as good with SU10 as before, I’ve also taken to flying tubeliners now and haven’t had any issues with black screens or CTDs, so fingers crossed that those experiencing issues earlier in the thread are finding the sim more stable then ever before.


Don’t worry about that person, I put them on ignore a long time ago. Now I don’t see their posts unless someone quotes it.

They’re talking nonsense, everyone knows it.

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