Im done with this sim on XBOX

Clearly not, given that we 100 of these completely pointless rants a week.

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Apologies for the slightly different question but does anyone know if I purchase the sim on Xbox, do I also get access to the PC version?

I understand if I buy it on PC I get it automatically on Xbox, but I’m not sure if it works the other way around too?

Thanks :slight_smile:

LOL. That exact sentiment has been floating around the forums and thats what he’s implying.

Seems to me you’re just another one of those “The sim is ruined because it’s on xbox” types.

So tiresome.


Ok. First of all, you’ve completely failed at realising what’s gatekeeping and what’s not, despite me giving you an example. So how exactly is it gatekeeping if I look at the technical facts and saying that Xbox Series S/X has certain limitations? Would you say it is “gatekeeping” if I phrased it like this? “If the XSS/X had dedicated VRAM, it would help the Xbox users fend off the CTDs.”

I actually bought XSX for the whole purpose of MSFS, in hopes of finally having a platform that works. Finally no more tweaking, no more adjusting of graphics sliders. So I’m pretty sure I’m not a gatekeeper if I’ve had and used MSFS on console since day one.

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Yes. If you purchase the sim via the Store on Xbox or via the Microsoft Store via PC you are able to use the sim on either platform.

It’s Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” feature.

If, however, you buy the sim via Steam, you will not have access to it on Xbox.

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Hi JobAutodrop, i am also so sad about performance, graphical glitches and bugs on XsX. I managed to test msfs2020 with my old PC - i7 4770k@4.3 - gtx 1060 6gb - 16gb ram - win10 . I enjoyed it way better than XsX at 1080p with almost always at 60fps with some tweaks. 7-8 years old cpu… And i got better 30fps experience with near and over mid-high settings. I am hoping they will do something for us all, i am also tired since 4-6 months.

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So back in December, I decided to make the move to PC. I was tired of the crashes, of my addons suddenly stop working, of buying addons and having them later pulled from the marketplace. I made the decision to make the move, and for 2 months while I was awaiting my PC to arrive, I didn’t even boot up on XBox. Once I got the PC version, I was immensely happy and vowed never to return to XBox.

Well, I see that now there is a beta just specifically meant to gather data so they can help with the reliability of XBox. Ok. I will help out with that. I probably have one of the largest collection of addons in the XBox community. I also have documented scenarios that cause CTD that i can exercise and hopefully the new data gathered can help fix the issues.

Those of us who have transferred platforms, if something like this had occurred months ago while we were still on the platform, we might not have moved. So I will urge those who have migrated like me, lets help out with this testing effort. I know I feel bad for all my friends I like behind on the platform, and if my testing helps make the XBox platform better for this we left, then great.


I spent 6 months on xbox with CTDs, unusable addons, and performance problems but learned to live with it. I built my first PC just this week (my dozens of marketplace addons transferred perfectly) and haven’t had a single issue, performance is amazing and all my addons work - it’s like night and day.

I was about to sell my xbox but agree with you that those of us who have moved on should help improve xbox so I’ll participate as well.


That’s really a super effort from you guys👍. It’s a big contrast from what I read from some pc users in other topics…

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Believe me, you’re on pure luck. Be patient, ctd will come. Just play a while. You hav’nt to change anything, it will hit you out of the blue.
PC is the mother, the father and the home of ctd

I am dancing like a clown today for having an 45min crashfree session. Last one was 4 weeks ago.


yes, also had xbox and now pc, works fine

Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT need the latest and greatest hardware to enjoy a beautiful smooth running MSFS PC experience. The sim has increased in optimization since, up to current SU9.
MSFS takes really great advantage of my older 1080TI/8700k 32GB RAM hardware and it chews through MSFS really well running VR in mostly high to ultra settings. At SU9 I’m sitting at 90 TAA in VR with OpenXR Toolkit FSR 100 and Oculus 1.4 Supersampling with mostly high to max in sim settings.

For anyone wondering what any of that means, let just say it’s pretty impressive smooth performance optimization for the sharp visuals vs older 1080ti/8700k 32GB RAM hardware I’m running. As MSFS VR is very demanding on hardware.

Maxxed settings 1440P( never tried beyond 200 LOD) on my hardware with mostly stable 45 FPS is easily achieved in 2D mode.

Of course this is with MY particular system and driver configuration and results could vary due to the bipolar nature of MSFS and flight sims in general on different hardware/system combos :wink::rofl:
Also I haven’t had my eye on the PC hardware market in 2 years, so no idea how much even the older entry level hardware components are going for $$$ in 2022.
If you could find a great bargain 1080ti/8700k era or later parts combo go for it.


I agree, you don’t need the latest hardware. But the thing is, you should be able to choose which platform you want to sim on. With all the XBox specific performance problems, and with specific crashes, it makes it so it feels like people have to switch. I know I felt like I had to in order to keep my investment in addons.

So this is where as a community, we band together, help work out what is wrong with XBox. And once the platform is stable, then let people choose what platform is best for them.


I’ve sold my XBOX 2 weeks ago.
Waiting for my new built PC to start new flights


I must be lucky I’ve not had a ctd on xbox since SU7, maybe because I don’t play quite as much as some of you who have had ctds, but I still have close to 100hrs flight time now.

I’m hopeful SU10 will improve things, you got to be hopeful right?. I like to think with the longer gap between SU9 and SU10 there will be a lot more testing going on for both platforms.

And who said it shouldn’t have been released on console, what rubbish! I have loved playing this on my xbox, I still think there is a long way to go as well, lots of improvements to be made, but Im confident the future is bright for msfs2020 on xbox and PC of course :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree 100%. Same as you on Series S. Are there problems and occasional hiccups? Sure. Of course it must be frustrating for those that somehow have a different experience and lots of crashes but to me even if I had to just use the console to fly the stock Cessna I wouldn’t call this rubbish… GA aircraft and even more complicated ones like Carenado Seneca work flawlessly for me and for the money I invested ( 250 console + Hotas 70 ) I think this is simply amazing. Had I invested thousands of pounds and not be able to enjoy it would be something completely different. Of course looking forward to the future and improvement that make the console more stable and able to cope with larger and more complex aircraft but until then I can enjoy it very much as it is.

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Xbox worked fine for most people pre SU9 so we know it can handle the sim perfectly well,Asobo WILL eventually fix this and give many of us back the lost performance.For most Xbox users there is absolutely no reason at all to jump ship now and spend many ££$$€€ on switching to pc …it will get better,but I too hate the wait😰

I understand everyone who prefers an X-Box to a PC. If only because of the price.
But I can assure you, you will enter a completely new, partly better, world.


But are you….really?

Because the forums suggest otherwise. Otherwise me and many others wouldn’t have switched from the Xbox Series X/S to a solid gaming PC.

But of course, as you say…:joy: