Im done with this sim on XBOX

One thing to remember is that most people that write are exactly those that have CTD and bad experiences, which is perfectly natural and right to do. Those that enjoy the sim and don’t have as many issues ( not trying to pretend things are perfect here… ) probably don’t bother writing at all.


Same as any forum. Car clubs, hobbies, sports, whatever. Nobody ever creates a thread to say 'everything’s just fine actually ’


Im having so many CTDs all off a sudden, More than usual. I hope they are getting all my crash logs

I had all of the problems people mentioned, with a new Xbox set up in May. I even installed the “Xbox-only Stability Test” (aka Beta to collect crash data, and it borked the Xbox.

However, I factory reset my Xbox 2 days ago, and as it was rebooting it found an Xbox OS update to the June 22 version (even though I had manually checked for updates every day, it only came after a factory reset…):

OS version 10.0.22000.4975 (xb_flt_2206co.220622-1125)

I then re-installed MSFS 2020 from Game Pass, and immediately noticed the lack of stuttering or crashing (granted it is just the vanilla install with no addons). I then installed the “Xbox-only Stability Test” again, and it’s still stable. I’m now in the process of testing each World Update with a few simple flights, but so far it’s actually been smooth (except the usual nonsense of ground service people walking through the spinning propellers, and some odd things on the map/scenery).

In the recent developer update video on Twitch, there was some discussion that background software updates were causing cascading problems - which suggested to me that maybe my Xbox had an incomplete or corrupted update, hence the instability and failure to show the latest update. As I say, since factory resetting, updating Xbox OS, and re-installing MSFS, so far so good. I haven’t tried adding any addons yet, but will. I’ll post if any testing results are conclusive for me.

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And when those of us on Xbox that don’t have problems do point this out, we get shouted down by those complainants… I’ve given up on the whingers, they can stew with their problems and ridiculous claims that “the sim is unplayable” and I’ll keep flying!


And, there are millions of us PC simmers who are not complaining.

We’ll keep flying too.


I’m an “X” console user since going through the PC nightmare I went through with the SIM. I like the console because of the “one” click HDR10 graphic setting. That said, for the life of me I can’t wrap my head around how is it possible that the huge company’s involved with this SIM “cannot” with the technology available, have a fully optimized SIM for these consoles…? Why I say this…? I have Aero Fly FS2 and iPACS is a small company based in Germany as I understand and they have (so I’ve read) only (5) people developing or working on the FS4 version coming out. How is it that a small company like that can have a fully optimized SIM for PC and mobile and Asobo and Microsoft can’t…? This just boggles my mind. Aero Fly loads in literally less than 1 minute and your flying. It’s smooth and trouble free and just works period ! Eye candy aside its fine and nothing wrong with the visuals. I fly that SIM more now because of the ongoing issues with MSFS. To be fare I’m only talking about the optimizations here and not all the other features both SIM’s have. The ability to be optimized and compatible with all systems (PC, Mobile, Console etc.) Now earlier on, on these forums someone said, and I read it, that MSFS was built on an old architecture instead of being built from scratch on a whole new architecture platform. I think, IMO, this is the bane of its existence and problems. It’s a software coding issue no two ways about it. Someone also said that Asobo wanted to do this from a new base architecture but MS wouldn’t let them or didn’t want it that way so Asobo had to basically attempt to “put lipstick on a pig” and release it. Could be some validity in that I think.

Everyone whinges at some point about something,just like you are now whingeing about the whingers,oh and I much appreciate your enjoying the pain of other users who are not fortunate to be having as great an experience as you,thank you👍

I’m a grizzled MSFS pilot, ex FAA qualified aircraft dispatcher. I fly an Xbox Series X.
MSFS users are a wide ranging diverse group - some of us do not want to(and can’t afford) to pay out upwards of £2k on a PC to run the game - but it should be able to run just fine on Xbox S|X in any case. And up to SU9 it did.
I want MSFS to work for all users whatever platform they’re on - we all want the same thing don’t we?


Interesting. My sim crashes with live weather but works with real time air traffic. I’m on the S as well!

This is what unfortunately happens when you force something into a place it does not belong in lol. I was a console gamer for years. I did myself a favour and jumped ship. Never looking back.

Never said anything about “enjoying other’s pain” but if that’s how you want to take it, then you’re very welcome.

In general it was pretty much stable prior to SU9 though, so it wasn’t exactly “forced” onto console.

Series X out performs PC’s 4x its cost. Mine actually looks and runs excellent.


Unfortunately not in my case. If you’re brave, I suggest you buy Origami EGKK on the marketplace. That’s the worst optimised airport I’ve ever installed from the marketplace. Then load up at the gate with the A320 NEO. Stay parked for 30 minutes, push back, and taxi. Do this at least 10 times and report back how many times you get a CTD. I had stuttering and CTD every single time after SU7.

But on a PC that’s slightly less powerful than the Series X, it’s ultra smooth and no CTDs. Also locked 30 FPS. At high/ultra settings at 2K resolution. My PC is 3x the price of my XSX. I SIMPLY don’t buy the idea that XSX performs better than most more expensive PCs. Maybe for the vanilla sim, sure, but for 3P addons that are more detailed and demanding on hardware? No way.


Play Flightsimulator on Xbox Series X for a year and have to say that I am very dissatisfied and angry with Microsoft because Xbox users are disadvantaged. On computer you can use all the functions of the airplane also through addons on Xbox unfortunately it is not possible. Combining the flight computer (iPad) with Simbrief does not work like all other possibilities such as Fenix or PMDG don’t even support. By the way, there are crashes or stuttering what I already call everyday life. My criticism of Microsoft this game is definitely not suitable for Xbox, if you want to use everything, you should reach for the PC. That’s why I’ll buy money in the future and get a PC that supports this simulator

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And in the process of trying to shoehorn it into xbox, they have also limited it for PC users too. It’s a real shame.

There should have been a “lite” version for Xbox users and then it would have been clear that there was a difference between the two. A lite version would have been suitable for most casual fliers too.

As it stands its like playing GTA V on a phone vs a console. Sure its the same game, but theres no way it has the same functionality, and there was no way it ever could have.


Im on xbox. Ok sure we dont have the myriad of options available to PC users but i have all the options i need to enjoy what i enjoy doing.
But all that is to be expected on console as apposed to PC.

IMHO its one of the best titles we have on xbox


I started on a Series S, then moved up to Series X, ended up buying a top end PC to fly in VR. PC isn’t perfect, but Xbox is far from broken either.



Firstly from what I understand from more knowledgeable users than myself Xbox X for example has as much capability as low to mid pc users equipment.

I realise that newcomers to simming may have been unaware of the addon / peripheral limitations of Xbox compared to pc ( not sure if simming is new to you or not?) ,but before you buy anything surely due diligence is required?

I bought my Xbox in the full knowledge of its limitations having simmed for many years,but I agree the performance post SU9 is very disappointing for many including me ,hopefully to be finally rectified shortly.