Implement in-sim METAR according to Live Weather

In my experience, the sim’s live weather is quite accurate, but it doesn’t 100% work with real-world METAR.

This is a problem for those who want to properly simulate flight planning.

The easiest (IMHO) and elegant solution to this issue is simply for the simulator to have its own METAR according to the live Weather engine.

I’ve seen this suggested a few times here and there, but I don’t believe it has its own vote-able suggestion.

It shouldn’t be TOO hard to implement. The simulator already has all the data it needs to render its own live weather. All this feature would need to do is to convert that existing data into standard METAR format and display it.

I’m fairly sure it’d make a lot of people happy. I know I’d enjoy it.

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We need a way to know the actual Metars while flying, because due to the way of live weather generation the actual wx conditions in game usually or never are the same with the real world (this is great), for that reason we are flying blind specially if you do medium to long haul flights, we need a way to planning our apps.
Actually if we have a closed airport due to fog for example we can’t know it until reach that airport.


I wish we could request weather information from ATC just as you could irl. Also I wish there was D–ATIS… :roll_eyes:

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Please submit this suggestion via Zendesk. We don’t know when the dev’s will read the forum’s/reddit/twitter.


We should be able to have the full weather (cloud, visibility missing) on the planning page, for all airports.
(we must have the exact report of the weather the sim does)


I totally agree.
It would also be nice if the weather menu in game would show actual METAR while set on “live weather”. currently it is just doing nothing.

As MSFS weather is not the correct actual real time weather it is a mess.

Beside the fact that I only get “live” either 50% of the time, they really need to improve the live weather to be actually live and correct.
Other Sims (e.g. XP11) and 3rd party weather injectors solved this issue years ago…

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Done, thanks for the advice


For now i am using has ton of options. Then i believe you can try SimToolKitPro (but i had few crashes/stutters) that actuall follow you on the map, creating logs and flight plans. For sure other users can provide more info.


I think you don’t understand, i have lot of ways to know the actual weather conditions of real world, but never the weather conditions inside the game while flying.
Due the way of how the live weather is generated (it doesnt take real world METAR it have his own life what is awsome) you can’t use your real world METARs, if you take a close look sometimes the weather inside the game is very different (winds, rain or visibility for example) looks similar but very often differs a lot, especially talking about winds (is not the same 090/15 on real world weather that 180/15 inside game after a 2 hour flight all at the same airport).
i use Simtoolkit Pro, Noaa weather, even Meteoblue webpage, and all o tthat is useless when you try to plan your approach at the arrival airport.
For that reason we need to know the actual in game weather conditions for some particular airports.
I hope this clarify the idea for you.
BTW thanks for the reply


Ohh i got you, well in that case i was searching as well. The only thing i tried was to contact ATIS on nearby airport after googling but i never managed tbh, but i am noob with airplanes so maybe i was doing something wrong.

Sometimes is use my ActiveSky as standalone in the background just for weather information. Provided the weather in MSFS is the same as the actual METAR`s.

No no, you are doing right, but the problem is not all the airports have ATIS stations, and at the ones who have it you need to be close to the airport to hear it, and i think the range isnt real, at real life sometimes you can hear the ATIS stations at 150 NM, 180 NM with a lot of luck (both at high FLs) but you can’t get it inside the game at those distances.


Usually is not, for that reason we need a tool, or wait until some external plugin to do that


You took the words right ou of my mouth.

We need to know Winds Aloft - imperative.

+1 to this suggestion. I’d like to know the weather that will be in the game before I launch a flight. The game should show the METAR for a given point or airport (or nearest), TAF (if live), and nearest winds/temps aloft.

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File a ticket…

+1 - yes please!

Agree, would be nice to have those information available on the planning page.
Maybe these links can help out until MSFS includes those information:

In FSX I used to have ActiveSky16, but after deinstalling FSX AS16 does not run any more - unfortunately, because they need the fsx-folder… :frowning:

Was done 4 days ago, before this post