IMPORTANT - DLSS version Performance degradation (EDIT: NO LONGER VALID)


I just noticed MSFS is using the latest DLSS version 2.4.12 in the latest SU10 beta. As i saw multiple comments across a variety of games that this particular version is not very well optimised overall, and because i was suddenly getting stutters in the last SU10, i decided to replace the DLSS version used in MSFS with the last known good version which is 2.4.6. For me personally it did wonders, no stutters whatosever anymore and better cpu utilization as well.


P.S. The dlss file is in the Microsoft flight simulator/Content folder. And you can easily find the custom version if you just google “download dlss”.

*EDIT: AS per @FSATC’s suggestion. Also try version 2.3.9. as it might run even better than 2.4.6.
*EDIT2: By my own results, 2.4.6. runs much better than 2.3.9. It’s also much newer.

EDIT3: No longer seems to make any sensible difference to swap dlss.


Oh cool, testing it now.

You can get 2.4.6 here.

let me know the results, mate

The downside is really that you’re invalidating any testing you are doing for the SU10 Beta DX12 feature, so if you do reports bugs or crashes then it would be good to revert before you do so.

Fixes the stutters big time, FPS is less jumpy. Testing out 2.3.9 right now as well, the forums seem to show people think that is one of the best versions.

You are right ofcourse but…I’m not interested in testing DX12 until Nvidia produces a driver that contains code to adress msfs dx12 optimisations. So …

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Great to hear. Hmm…2.3.9. is pretty old now. But let me know what you think between 2.3.9 and 2.4.6.

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Woah, 2.3.9 is butter, even in full-quality setting and AMD sharpening up to 200. Give it a shot.

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Absolutely 0 stutter, and frames jumped from 42 AVG to 51. CPU utilization from 54% down to 21.

awesome. So, you’re confident it works even better than 2.4.6?

Absolutely. Tried the PMDG 737 out of KJFK, even then no stutters, and I’m on a laptop.


are you using steam of ms store version?

I just did some testing and 2.4.6 runs much better for me than 2.3.9.

Well, this is interesting. What HMD, GPU, CPU are you guys using?

G2, i7-9700k, rtx 3080ti

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Be aware this could be risky behaviour if MSFS decides to block this. Some games ban players who switch versions.

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I get better results with 2.4.12 than with 2.4.6.

(PC, Steam version, Win 10 Home,
i7-9700 CPU, RTX2070 super, 32Gb RAM, .)

This is only for steam users as the location to put the dll is protected for MSStore users?

I can access the Content folder under MS Store MSFS

This tweak didn’t make any difference for me