IMPORTANT - DLSS version Performance degradation (EDIT: NO LONGER VALID)

Havent tried yet, but check out this post here to enable the DLSS overlay, this might help check if changing the DLL does work indeed:

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Those who have tried the different versions - has the ghosting gone with using them?

My understanding is that it is impossible to modify files within WindowsApp folder, where MSFS resides as an UWP application. You can grant yourself access to view the folders and files but not to modify them (like replace the dlss dll here)

How were you able to do that?

I forgot how exactly, but you need to take over the ownership somehow. I also run ms store ver, not steam

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Will check

Thanks, yes I have gone though several guides for taking the access and in theory have admin full control over the folder but it doesn’t play ball (icalcs et al) Intrigued as to how others have got it to work.

I’m sorry, it’s been a while since i’ve done it and also i’m at work. It shouldn’t be too hard to do though. In theory :sweat_smile:

I’m curious to try this out myself but i’m at work at the moment. Will try it when I get home. Just throwing this out there, but if you are running in to system permissions issues on these files, you may have some success booting in to safe mode.

I tried safe mode too. No dice. These windows apps folders are very secure. I’m honestly not sure how they were able to change it out.

On my system with a standard install the file is in C;/XboxGames/…, which isn’t protected at all. Was a simple paste as admin operation.

My xbox games folder was empty. The only copy of the dll was in the protected windows apps directory

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Thanks but I’d already tried most of that. Still no luck. How odd. There’s no service you have to stop or anything?

you definitely have to have done something wrong if that didn’t work. Sry man, i really wish i could help you more. Only thing you can do besides that is uninstall MSFS and install it to a custom location. Also, mind you…while swapping the dlss does quite noticably improve stutters it’s not like it’s making the game run with +20 fps, so perhaps it might not even be worth the trouble if this is giving you such a hard time.

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I’ve hosed my windows apps completely. Can’t even open or reinstall flight sim now. About to reload windows 11 fresh.

I’m curious to see how it’s acts after a clean install.

Those who have tried the different versions - has the ghosting gone with using them?

After reloading windows 11 and FS I now have that nvngx_dlss.dll in my xbox folder. How odd. I presume I also have a copy of the file in the windowsapps directory too. I wonder if swapping one and not the other actually did anything.

Can someone please share the exact path to the content folder ? I can’t find it…

if you have the MS store version then it’s either in the custom path where you installed MSFS, or in the windowsapps folder.

Thanks, found it. For anyone interested: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.27.17.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Unfortunately, impossible to modify the file in Windows, even after taking ownership of the windowsapp folder