Improve AI Traffic at Airports and in The Air

SU 11 Beta is starting to address AI traffic performance on the ground and in Air. What is still missing and/or buggy is:

  • Elimination of go-arounds by adjusting AI to do High Speed runway turnoffs (Currently slowing down to crawl, taxiing too slow and missing turn-offs)
  • Ensure fast takeoffs after clearance, instead of AI traffic rolling at 10 knots to take off position, just have them push the throttle and go
  • ATC instructions for AI aircraft speed adjustments and longitudinal spacing on landings.
  • Factor in traffic landing sequence, and ATC assisting in spacing inbound AI traffic at busy airports
  • Ensure no planes land on the runway and just stop on the runway without Taxiing off. (bug)
  • Realistic landing glide slope for landing AI aircraft. Some AI aircraft come in very high, suddenly drop down, and overshoot the runway
  • Ensuring proper livery matching for live traffic with 3rd party libraries AIG or FSLTL
  • Improve airport parking space sizes so the correct size liveries can park at the correct gates (Example in Dubai the A380s at OMDB are not parked at their designated terminal.

Good luck Asobo, you can do this! We are almost there!


One of the problems is that Asobo is using the wrong feeder. And with the feeder they use, you will never get helicopter traffic or in fact any realistic AI. Not all aircraft are captured.

If they would partner with Flightradar24, the community there is one, if not the best place to get accurate flight data.