[InDevelopment] [DevDiary] KRIC - Richmond International Airport

I was there not too long ago. You’re doing an amazing job with this! Keep up the good work!

Just wanted to check in to see if you had anymore updates on this project! Was excited to see some examples in the sim. Hope all is well - thanks!

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Looking great! You got any updates on the airport?


Not much movement or discussion since July. Hoping this hasn’t become a dead project.

Not a dead project but some fortunate personal life events have had the unfortunate effect of not allowing for any time to work or even think about the project. I’ve finally had some time this week to work on things and mostly been working in the sim. Lots of tedious SDK work getting the taxi network, aprons, and ground marking straight. And runway 7/25 has been demolished! The initial release will use the default MSFS ground textures, trying to create custom ones would add an absurd amount of time to what has already been a long project but it is planned for the future.

Here’s a very WIP of the initial gate placements, still need to get the orientations right and get correct airline assignments but so far seems to be working fine with FSLTL.

I’ll keep plugging along on this as time allows, there will definitely be ebbs and flows as personal time allows. Trust me, if I could trade my 40 hours a week of work for more time developing I would gladly do so lol.


Looking great and glad to see you’re back!