IndiaFoxtEcho F35 Lightning

I love the F-35 with the lautest Update.
But I would like to know one thing:

Does the F-35 not have flaps for flying the right Aoa for landing?

All I found is the Control Switch for Speedbrake.

Thanks in advance.

Flaps are full-auto; there’s no manual switch for them.

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Thank you for your reply! Another thing I’d like to know is:

I read, that there are LSO callouts. What do I need to do in order to hear this? Is there some kind of AOA Indexer in this plane?

Does it have air brakes/ spoilers?

Yes. Fly by wire braking, so not any extra flaps or anything but when you pull the brake, it will create the most drag it can to slow you down with what you have.

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I found this fascinating

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I’m getting this when loading in on ramp. All power off and I get a audible alarm until engine is started. Did you figure this out in the end?

Are there any plans to smooth the pitch up behaviour as the landing gear is raised?

This will be a controversial opinion as people here seem to complain that the F-35 is not fast enough… BUT:

Well, I think the F-35 is too fast. It feels ridiculous to fly at mach 1.4-1.45 straight and level without afterburner in the A-model. I know I wasn’t buying a study level aircraft with this one as many of the systems and specifications are classified, but I wasn’t expecting to fly an “X-Wing” either. To my knowledge, there is no evidence that F-35 can reach such speeds without afterburner.

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Yes, you’re right and I noticed that too!
I’m a F-35 fan but that is too much. There are indications that the F-35 can maintain Mach 1.2 without afterburner (with internal weapons only) but definitely not Mach 1.4-1.45 or so.

I hope that gets fixed.

Why is the F-35 slower than F22 Raptor?

1 engine vs 2

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Why does the F-35 have only one engine?

Cost, complexity, maintenance hours, problematic solution for VSTOL, aircraft size, weight, dual systems per engine. i.e a different aircraft completely. The configuration of any aircraft is driven by the requirements for it and the possible solutions, but any design choice made impacts all the other system choices.


The F-35 has a different purpose. It is designed to destroy enemy on the ground. It is a stealth fighter while the F-22 Raptor is designed for dog fighting. Is that somewhat accurate?

It was designed to be cheaper, multirole, and to be mass produced and sold internationally. The raptor was designed to be the most advanced air superiority plane in existence. Sort of the difference between the F-16 and F-15.


The F-22 and F-35 are both highly stealthy, but the F-22 was designed to do one thing supremely well, namely destroy enemy aircraft, whereas the F-35 was intended to fill a variety of roles and also to be produced in much bigger numbers.

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I hope not! The engine has some serious thrust capabilities while the plane has an excellent power to weight ratio.

It doesn’t even have to be at full mil power to break mach 1.

Also, has anyone noticed how the canopy opening from cockpit view does so at only 20fps. Why is that? I’m on Series X.

According to Wikipedia, the F-35 has a thrust to weight ratio of only 0.87-1.07 (full-50% fuel). That is even worse than a classic Hornet, which has a ratio of 0.96-1.13, and even the Hornet cannot reach Mach 1 without afterburner. The engine is powerful, but there is only one of them in the F-35. Breaking the speed of sound is not easy.

Well, hopefully they will leave it touched cos I love it as it is.