Initial Release: Grumman Goose G21A Redux II

Is there a way to make it more easy to find when a new update for this comes out? I dont want to miss out!

Stay subscribed to this thread. Next update not sure until late Jan/Feb as an on holiday currently.


How to install? I downloaded the link and it didnt give me a zipped folder it just provided me with one file… not sure what am i supposed to do with that?

Different link to download?
Current link broken?

*** UPDATE *** - User error on my part, i recently built a new PC and forgot to re-install unzip hardware. I reinstalled WINZIP and everthing is working great now! Love the goose, good work guys! Thank you

Hey. It is a compressed file but it’s compressed using 7zip:

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This is the livery I use and thank you for it. It adds to the “fun” factor with the Goose. Well done.

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Great freeware aircraft. One issue I have is that the plane will automatically roll to wings level after adding aileron input. It’s still controllable, I just have to hold in the yoke to make a turn


Ah that’s really nice.

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why is aileron required in bank?

Because that’s how banks are done? That’s the control surface responsible for them. I don’t understand the question. How do you propose to bank otherwise?

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So, so after initiating the bank with the aileron, I have to hold deflected ailerons to hold the bank angle.

Yes. I believe that to be true.

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Yes because it’s a high wing plane with fuel in the wings.

Yeah the stability needs to be turned down alot.

How so? Constructive feedback rather than throw-away comments are greatly appreciated.

Hey folks, I want to send you over to a YouTube Channel that I think you might enjoy. They recently (unasked) reviewed the Goose and they provide some good commentary and history for this beauty:

Check them out and give them a like and a subscribe :slight_smile:


its impossible to keep the plane in a bank.
I turned the stability down from 3 to 0.3 in all axes.

Also the engines shutting down at idle. is that desired? i know its a big and old radial.

I have no complaints with the Goose. It is a fun bird to fly.


I cannot find instructions on how to install this download for the Goose, into the MSFS folders or where to do it?

Welcome to flying vintage aircraft :smiley: as explained a couple times above, the Goose is a High Wing Aircraft with Fuel Stores in the wing. This requires that you hold your bank.

Most old engines do not “idle” at 0 throttle and so require >800 RPM. If you throttle back completly yes you WILL shutdown your engine.

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