Intel A770 Graphics Card (GPU) Discussion Thread

Going from AM4 to AM5 (5800X3D to 7800X3D) will stretch your budget.

You’d pay approx 200$ more for the CPU, around 100$ for the RAM, maybe 100$ more for the MB, depending on where you are located, more or less.
In Europe, I ran a simulation, the difference was over 400 Euros based on currently available numbers.

7800X3D will be in stores on April 6th, independent reviews will soon be available, and we will know how much of an uptake it brings in terms of performance.

I am pretty sure 5800X3D will remain a very good choice from a value standpoint, though.

Yeah, I ran a config in one of our webshops (GPU,case, CPU cooler and SSD is the same) and the final price difference between AM4 and AM5 is actually not that huge, AM5 is 10% more expensive if I choose the 7700X over the 5800x3d.
But I am still torn, as that money could upgrade the intel Arc 770 to a 3080. Analysis paralysis.

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I would not recommend 7700X over 5800X3D.
IMHO the choice is between 5800X3D and 7800X3D, if you intend to go AMD, for a gaming only rig.

I’m not so sure it’s any better for 4k than the 5800X which is why I haven’t bothered. To my logic I would need a gpu considerably more powerful than my rtx3060 to see any real benefit. Mind you I only fly gliders, it could possibly be worth it for e.g. Fenix, PMDG, FBW airliners

Fair point, for an existing system, the choices are different.
For a new build, I would definitely go 3D VCache for MSFS.

Whatever GPU you get you’ll want at least 16gig of Vram on the video card. MSFS will run smoother with more GPU Vram.

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You could just buy the A770 at $349.99 USD and see what it gives you.

Your viewpoint may change.

And at least, you can sell it or keep it as a backup.


It’s 415$ in my country, but yeah I might jump on it.

New WHQL driver is available. 4255

Works fine for me in Windows 11 and MSFS.

This is the 13th driver.

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New Beta driver is available. 4257 Beta

Works fine for me in Windows 11 and MSFS.

This is the 14th driver.

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